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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 8, Issue 1 (1941)

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  1. A Kaleidoscope of Justice by John H. Wigmore

    Vanneman, Harry W.
    Review of "A Kaleidoscope of Justice by John H. Wigmore" by Harry W. Vanneman

  2. The President Office and Powers by Edward S. Corwin

    Glander, C. Emory
    Review of "The President Office and Powers by Edward S. Corwin" by C. Emory Glander

  3. Unfair Competition -- Use of a Trade Name by a Non-Competitor

    Van Keuls, Jack T.

  4. Fair Labor Standards Act -- Right of Employer and Employee To Determine Regular Rate Upon Which to Base Overtime Computations

    Claflin, Beecher N.

  5. Fair Labor Standards Act -- Motor Carrier Act: Weight Given to Prior Administrative Interpretation of Inter-Related Statutes

    Teller, Donald S.

  6. Joint Bank Accounts -- Joint Tenancy -- Survivorship

    Palmer, Dean W.

  7. Risk of Loss Between Vendor and Purchaser -- Insurance Should Run With the Land

    Cook, Robert W.

  8. Res Gastae: An Exception to the Hearsay Rule?

    Green, Eugene

  9. Injunction -- Against Inequitable Litigation in Foreign Jurisdiction -- Federal Employers' Liability Act

    Dagger, William C.

  10. Ohio General Code Section 10512-19 -- Right of an Adopted Child to Inherit Through Its Adoptive Parent

    McMahon, John P.

  11. Power of Court to Modify Decree for Support Which Incorporates Agreement of Parties

    Ham, Charles M.

  12. Maintenance of a Bastard Child -- Interpretation of Ohio General Code, Section 12123

    David, Michael D.

  13. Purchase of Own Shares By Corporation Fund Available

    Kennedy, Roger D.

  14. Dividends Out of Surplus Other Than Earned Surplus: Liability of Directors for Payment Without Giving Notice

  15. The Effect Given State Courts' Interpretations of State Taxing Statutes Under Section 64(a)4 of The Bankruptcy Act: The Construction Under Section 64(a)4 of a State Statute Providing for a Tax Alternative in Nature

    Schuck, Robert D.

  16. Judicial Review of Selective Service Administration -- Federal Jurisdiction of Habeas Corpus

    Black, L. James

  17. The Duty of Loyalty of a Trustee

    Weed, Sally Lemert

  18. Masthead (Volume 8, Number 1, 1941)

  19. The Wagner Act: It's Legislative History and It's Relation to National Defense

    Rice, Ralph S.

  20. The Warrant of Attorney to Confess Judgment

    Hunter, Robert M.

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