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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 1:1 (2003)

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  1. Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2003)

  2. Welcome to the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

    Rogers, Nancy H.

  3. Introduction: Reflections on the Criminal Justice System after September 11, 2001

  4. Introduction to the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

    Dressler, Joshua; Berman, Douglas A.

  5. Terror and Tolerance: Criminal Justice for the New Age of Anxiety

    Dripps, Donald A.

  6. Profiling Terror

    Davies, Sharon L.

  7. Inference or Impact? Racial Profiling and the Internment's True Legacy

    Muller, Eric L.

  8. Introduction: Model Penal Code Second: Good or Bad Idea?

  9. Back to the Future: The Implications of September 11, 2001 on Law Enforcement Practice and Policy

    Brandl, Steven G.

  10. The Model Penal Code: Is It Like a Classic Movie in Need of a Remake?

    Dressler, Joshua

  11. The Model Penal Code Second: Might "Film Schools" Be in Need of a Remake?

    Berman, Douglas A.

  12. Can a Model Penal Code Second Save the States from Themselves?

    Robinson, Paul H.; Cahill, Michael T.

  13. Should the Model Penal Code's Mens Rea Provisions Be Amended?

    Simons, Kenneth W.

  14. Why the Model Penal Code's Sexual Offense Provisions Should Be Pulled and Replaced

    Denno, Deborah W.

  15. Revising the Model Penal Code: Keeping It Real

    Lynch, Gerard E.

  16. A Few Reflections on the Model Penal Code Commentaries

    Greenawalt, Kent

  17. "I Might Be Guilty, But You Can't Try Me": Estoppel and Other Bars to Trial

    Duff, R. A.

  18. Is the Criminal Law Important?

    Husak, Douglas

  19. The Irrational Politics of American Drug Policy: Implications for Criminal Law and the Management of Drug-Involved Offenders

    Inciardi, James A.

  20. Diminished Rationality, Diminished Responsibility

    Morse, Stephen J.

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