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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 10:1 (Fall 2012)

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  1. Introduction: Confidential Confessions: How Lawyers, Clergy, and Psychologists Counsel the Guilty

    Alexander, Rees

  2. Rebutting the Myths About Race and the Death Penalty

    Scheidegger, Kent

  3. Responding to McCleskey and Batson: The North Carolina Racial Justice Act Confronts Racial Peremptory Challenges in Death Cases

    Mosteller, Robert P.

  4. McCleskey's Omission: The Racial Geography of Retribution

    Cohen, G. Ben

  5. Unholy Parallels between McCleskey v. Kemp and Plessy v. Ferguson: Why McCleskey (Still) Matters

    Blume, John H.; Johnson, Sheri Lynn

  6. The Loss of Constitutional Faith: McCleskey v. Kemp and the Dark Side of Procedure

    Sundby, Scott E.

  7. Introduction: McCleskey at 25: Reexamining the "Fear of Too Much Justice"

    Berman, Douglas A.

  8. Moral Advice and Professional Obligation: A Case Study

    Bundy, Stephen McG.

  9. Keeping Faith in Community: A Pastoral Response and Ethical Argument

    Bush, Joseph E.

  10. Counseling Conscience

    Carrington, Tucker

  11. Confidential Confessions: How Lawyers, Clergy, and Psychologists Counsel the Guilty

    Cozzens, Donald

  12. Steven's Choice

    Floyd, Timothy W.

  13. A Word of Caution: Consequences of Confession

    Johnson, Vida B.

  14. Confession for the Soul?: A Lawyer's Moral Advice to a Guilty Client About Saving an Innocent Defendant

    Kirchmeier, Jeffrey L.

  15. Guiding Clients Through Difficult Situations and Complicated Decisions

    Overholser, James C.

  16. Will the Real Paul Robinson Please Stand Up? Robinson's Conflicting Criminal Code

    Ferzan, Kimberly Kessler

  17. In Defense of Punishment Theory, and Contra Stephen: A Reply to DeGirolami

    Flanders, Chad

  18. The Romance of Force: James Fitzjames Stephen on Criminal Law

    Posner, Richard A.

  19. Defending Those People

    Smith, Abbe

  20. United States v. Jones: Fourth Amendment Applicability in the 21st Century

    Clancy, Thomas K.

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