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I/S: Volume 1, Issue 2-3 (Spring/Summer 2005)

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  1. Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 2-3, Spring/Summer 2005)

  2. Introductory Essay for "2004 Privacy Year in Review"

    Swire, Peter P.

  3. .Net Passport Under The Scrutiny Of U.S. And EU Privacy Law: Implications For The Future Of Online Authentication

    Dmytrenko, Olena; Nardali, Ali

  4. Storing Our Lives Online: Expanded Email Storage Raises Complex Policy Issues

    Schwartz, Ari; Mulligan, Deidre; Mondal, Indrani

  5. Hold the (Internet) Phone! The Implications of Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephony for National Security & Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Frye, Emily; Staiti, Gregory

  6. Privacy Year in Review: America's Privacy Laws Fall Short with RFID Regulation

    Delaney, Katherine

  7. Privacy Year in Review: Recent Changes in the Law of Biometrics

    Betzel, Margaret

  8. Privacy Year in Review: Privacy and VoIP Technology

    Morris, John B., Jr.

  9. Privacy Year in Review: Canada's Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act and Japan's Personal Information Protection Act

    Haque, Asim Z.; Le, Mathiew H.

  10. Privacy Year in Review: The Intersection of the Rights to Privacy and of a Free Press: Can They Co-Exist?

    Lee, Gina Angie

  11. Privacy Year in Review: Recent Developments in the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Other Acts Affecting Financial Privacy

    Roach, Steven Robert; Schuerman, William R., Jr.

  12. Privacy Year in Review: Developments in HIPAA

    Hutton, Elizabeth; Barry, Devin

  13. Privacy Year in Review: Growing Problems with Spyware and Phishing, Judicial and Legislative Developments in Internet Governance, and the Impacts on Privacy

    Bierlein, Matthew; Smith, Gregory

  14. Privacy Year in Review: Privacy Impact Assessments, Airline Passenger Pre-Screening, and Government Data Mining

    Kawakami, Sayaka; McCarty, Sarah C.

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