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I/S: Volume 2, Issue 3 (Fall 2006)

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  1. Table of Contents (Volume 2, Number 3, Fall 2006)

  2. How Technology Drives Vehicular Privacy

    McDonald, Aleecia M.; Cranor, Lorrie Faith

  3. An Evaluation of the Effect of US Financial Privacy Legislation Through the Analysis of Privacy Policies

    Sheng, Xinguang; Cranor, Lorrie Faith

  4. Security Breach Notifications: State Laws, Federal Proposals, and Recommendations

    Sutton, Milton C.

  5. Information Brokers and Privacy

    Somogy, Derek J.

  6. Auditing for Privacy

    Easter, Christine

  7. Privacy Law Developments in California

    Betzel, Margaret

  8. Data Protection in the European Union: Current Status and Future Implications

    Godbey, Briana N.

  9. Argentina's Protection of Personal Data: Initiation and Response

    Gakh, Maxim

  10. Two-Factor Authentication: A Solution to Times Past or Present? The Debate Surrounding the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Security Safeguards Rule and the Methods of Risk Assessment and Compliance

    Singh, Ritu

  11. Developments in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act During 2005-06: An Overview of Important Changes in Case Law and Pending Legislation

    McMahon, Richard Joseph

  12. Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act Regulations: Disclosure, Opt-Out Rights, Medical Information Usage, and Consumer Information Disposal

    Liu, Katy K.

  13. Reflections on Privacy: Recent Developments in HIPAA Privacy Rule

    Rahman, Nusrat N.

  14. Toward Implementation of Electronic Health Records: Justifications, Action, and Barriers to Adoption

    Koehler, Kirk Benton

  15. Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, Privacy Concerns Related To Social Network Services, Online Protection of Children, and Cyberbullying

    Munukutla-Parker, Usha

  16. Internet Wiretaps: Applying the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act to Broadband Services

    Park, Gene D.

  17. The Effects of Spyware and Phishing on the Privacy Rights of Internet Users

    Cherry, Sarah A.

  18. State Government Information Collection: The Shutdown of the MATRIX Program, REAL ID, and DNA Collection

    Stenman, Katie

  19. Introductory Essay for "Privacy Law Year in Review, 2005-2006"

    Swire, Peter

  20. U.S. E-Passports: ETA August 2006: Recent Changes Provide Additional Protection for Biometric Information Contained in U.S. Electronic Passports

    Fungsang, Francis

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