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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 1:2 (Spring 2004)

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  1. Daredevil and the Death Penalty

    Taslitz, Andrew E.
    Book reviews.

  2. Minority Report and the Law of Attempt

    Batey, Robert
    Book reviews.

  3. Criminal Justice in the Information Age: A Punishment Theory Paradox

    Robinson, Paul H.

  4. Sentencing in the Temple of Denunciation: Criminal Justice's Weakest Link

    Marcus, Michael H.

  5. The Unfulfilled Promise of Citizen Review

    Livingston, Debra

  6. The Theory of Value Dilemma: A Critique of the Economic Analysis of Criminal Law

    Kahan, Dan M.

  7. The Biological Roots of Punishment

    Hoffman, Morris B.; Goldsmith, Timothy H.

  8. Profiling With Apologies

    Colb, Sherry F.

  9. Offense Grading and Multiple Liability: New Challenges for a Model Penal Code Second

    Cahill, Michael T.

  10. Fear Factor: The Role of Media in Covering and Shaping the Death Penalty

    Bandes, Susan

  11. The Innocence Revolution and the Death Penalty

    Marshall, Lawrence C.
    Walter C. Reckless Memorial Lecture

  12. Fastow and Arthur Andersen: Some Reflections on Corporate Criminality, Victim Status, and Retribution

    Michaels, Alan C.

  13. The Problematic and Faintly Promising Dynamics of Corporate Crime Enforcement

    Brown, Darryl K.

  14. Some Thoughts on Proposed Revisions to the Organizational Guidelines

    O'Sullivan, Julie R.
    Includes Appendix: Executive Summary of the Report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on the Organizational Guidelines, October 7, 2003.

  15. Early Observations on the Prosecutions of the Business Scandals of 2002-2003: On Sideshow Prosecutions, Spitzer's Clash With Donaldson Over Turf, the Choice of Civil or Criminal Actions, and the Tough Tactic of Coerced Cooperation

    Oesterle, Dale A.
    Includes Addendum

  16. Pour encourager les autes? The Curious History and Distressing Implications of the Criminal Provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Sentencing Guidelines Amendments That Followed

    Bowman, Frank O., III

  17. Introduction: The Criminal Law and Policing Corporate Conduct

    Berman, Douglas A.; Michaels, Alan C.

  18. Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 2004)

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