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I/S: Volume 3, Issue 3 (Winter 2007/2008)

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  1. Between East and West: The APEC Privacy Framework and the Balance of International Data Flows

    Bulford, Carla

  2. Masthead (Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2007/2008)

  3. Table of Contents (Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2007/2008)

  4. Tracking RFID

    Weinberg, Jonathan

  5. The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Privacy in the Coming Decade

    Turow, Joseph; Hoofnagle, Chris Jay; Mulligan, Deirdre K.; Good, Nathaniel; Grossklags, Jens

  6. When Does Preemption Not Really Preempt? The Role of State Law after CAN-SPAM

    Cain, Rita Marie

  7. Developments in HIPAA and Health Information Technology

    Tingle, Cicely N.

  8. Recent Developments in RFID Technology: Weighing Utility Against Potential Privacy Concerns

    Ulatowski, Laura M.

  9. Phishing for the Answer: Recent Developments in Combating Phishing

    AlMahroos, Rasha

  10. Major Developments in Financial Privacy Law 2006: The SWIFT Database Incident, and Updates to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Fair Credit Reporting Acts

    Exten, Sarah Elizabeth

  11. Anti-Spyware Enforcement: Recent Developments

    Engle, Megan M.

  12. Data Breaches: Recent Developments in the Public and Private Sectors

    Jones, Michael E.

  13. The Right to Privacy in Electronic Communications: Current Fourth Amendment and Statutory Protection in the Wake of Warshak v. United States

    Wright, Erin E.

  14. You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Frown, New Video Surveillance Techniques are Already in Town (and Other Public Spaces)

    Scherr, Carla

  15. Personal Privacy in the Face of Government Use of GPS

    Keener, Kevin

  16. Introductory Essay for "2007 Privacy Year in Review"

    Swire, Peter P.; Landesberg, Martha K.

  17. The National Identification Debate: "REAL ID" and Voter Identification

    Milberg, Debra

  18. The NSA, AT&T, and the Secrets of Room 641A

    Wolfson, Stephen Manuel

  19. The Terrorist Surveillance Program: Assessing the Legality of the Unknown

    Anderson, Austin

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