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I/S: Volume 4, Issue 3 (Winter 2008/2009)

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  1. Using Science to Combat Data Loss: Analyzing Breaches by Type and Industry

    Curtin, C. Matthew; Ayres, Lee T.

  2. Front Matter (Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2008/2009)

    Includes Table of Contents and Masthead.

  3. China in Global Trade: Proposed Data Protection Law and Encryption Standard Dispute

    Yang, Aimee Boram

  4. Privacy of Personal Information in the Financial Services Sectors of the United States and Japan: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Financial Services Agency Guidelines

    Waggoner, Ryan L.

  5. Privacy Implications of Mandatory Immunizations, Exemptions, and Immunization Information Systems

    Kelch, Kyla L.

  6. A Privacy Review of DNA Databases

    Bennett, Natalie A.

  7. The Role of Privacy Law in Genetic Research

    Fendrick, Sarah

  8. The First Civil Rights Act of the 21st Century: Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008

    Lee, Jennifer J.

  9. Privacy Implications of GPS Tracking Technology

    Rahter, Sarah

  10. Is MySpace a Good Kids' Space? A Look at the Implications of the January 2008 MySpace -- Attorneys General Agreement Concerning Online Age Verification

    Whitman, Matthew

  11. Behavioral Targeting: Issues Involving the Microsoft-aQuantive and Google-DoubleClick Mergers, and the Current and Proposed Solutions to Those Issues

    Schedwin, James

  12. Are IP Addresses "Personally Identifiable Information"?

    Lah, Frederick

  13. Data Breach Notification Legislation: Recent Developments

    Heitzenrater, Julie A.

  14. Introductory Essay for 2008 Privacy Year in Review

    Swire, Peter P.; Landesberg, Martha K.

  15. The Identity Theft Cat-and-Mouse Game: An Examination of the State and Federal Governments' Latest Maneuvers

    Elgie, Nicki K.

  16. E-Verify: Expansion and Recent Developments

    Romero, Lizzette

  17. The Cost of Reading Privacy Policies

    McDonald, Aleecia M.; Cranor, Lorrie Faith

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