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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 2:1 (Fall 2004)

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  1. Letters to the Journal

    Kaye, Jeffrey; Bandes, Susan

  2. Upending Status: A Comment on Switching, Inequality, and the Idea of the Reasonable Person

    Nourse, V. F.
    Book reviews.

  3. Some Common Confusions About Consent in Rape Cases

    Westen, Peter

  4. Does Parole Work? The Empirical Evidence from England and Wales

    Shute, Stephen

  5. Duress Is Not a Justification

    Huigens, Kyron

  6. Appointed but (Nearly) Prevented From Serving: My Experiences as a Grand Jury Foreperson

    Crocker, Phyllis L.

  7. Exclusion of Death-Scrupled Jurors and International Due Process

    Quigley, John B.

  8. Switching Juries in Midstream: The Perplexities of Penalty-Phase-Only Retrials

    McCord, David

  9. How Different is Death? Jury Sentencing in Capital and Non-Capital Cases Compared

    King, Nancy J.

  10. The Merciful Capital Juror

    Eisenberg, Theodore; Garvey, Stephen P.

  11. Death-is-Different Jurisprudence and the Role of the Capital Jury

    Abramson, Jeffrey

  12. Introduction: Capital Juries

    Berman, Douglas A.

  13. Postscript: Another Look at Patane and Seibert, the 2004 Miranda "Poisoned Fruit" Cases

    Kamisar, Yale

  14. A Look Back On a Half-Century of Teaching, Writing and Speaking About Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

    Kamisar, Yale

  15. Yale Kamisar: Up Close and Personal

    Miller, William Ian

  16. Is Yale Kamisar as Good as Joe Namath?: A Look Back at Kamisar's "Prediction" of Miranda v. Arizona

    Maclin, Tracey

  17. Hail Yale

    Alschuler, Albert W.

  18. In Praise of Yale Kamisar

    Allen, Ronald J.

  19. A Student's Tribute To Professor Yale Kamisar

    Gould, Ronald M.

  20. Sketches of Yale Kamisar

    Spindelman, Marc

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