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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 4:1 (Fall 2006)

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  1. Death and Deterrence Redux: Science, Law and Causal Reasoning on Capital Punishment

    Fagan, Jeffrey

  2. The Eyes of the Beholders

    Little, Rory K.
    Book review of "A Life and Death Decision: A Jury Weighs the Death Penalty" by Scott Sundby

  3. Celebrating Great Lawyering

    Alschuler, Albert W.
    Book review of "Litigating in the Shadow of Death: Defense Attorneys in Capital Cases" by Welsh S. White

  4. Judicial Misconduct in Criminal Cases: It's Not Just the Counsel Who May Be Ineffective and Unprofessional

    Klein, Richard

  5. Fewer Risks, More Benefits: What Governments Gain by Acknowledging the Right to Competent Counsel on State Post-Conviction Review in Capital Cases

    Freedman, Eric M.

  6. Connecting Theory and Reality: Teaching Gideon and Indigent Defendants' Non-Right to Counsel at Bail

    Colbert, Douglas L.

  7. The Supreme Court's Bout With Insanity: Clark v. Arizona

    Westen, Peter

  8. Clark v. Arizona: Much (Confused) Ado About Nothing

    Allen, Ronald J.

  9. Wrongly Accused: Is Race a Factor in Convicting the Innocent?

    Taslitz, Andrew E.

  10. Missouri's Information-Based Discretionary Sentencing System

    Wolff, Michael A.

  11. Blakely in Minnesota, Two Years Out: Guidelines Sentencing Is Alive And Well

    Frase, Richard S.

  12. Making Sentencing Sensible

    Berman, Douglas A.; Bibas, Stephanos

  13. The Real (Sentencing) World: State Sentencing in the Post-Blakely Era

    Berman, Douglas A.; Chanenson, Steven L.

  14. Welsh White: A Farewell Tribute To A Generous Spirit

    Tomkovicz, James J.

  15. Remembering Welsh White

    Burkoff, John M.

  16. Remembering Welsh White

    Parry, John T.

  17. A Grateful Student's Farewell To Welsh White

    Taslitz, Andrew E.

  18. Tribute to Professor Welsh S. White

  19. Table of Contents (Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2006)

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