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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 6:2 (Spring 2009)

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  1. The Unrepresentative Military Jury: Deliberate Inclusion of Combat Veterans in the Military's Venire for Combat-Incidental Crimes

    Maurer, Daniel

  2. Search and Seizure History as Conversation: A Reply to Bruce P. Smith

    Taslitz, Andrew E.
    Book reviews.

  3. Proportionality for High-Tech Searches

    Swire, Peter P.
    Review of "Privacy at Risk: The new Government Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment" by Christopher Slobogin

  4. Is There Too Much Criminal Law?

    Green, Stuart P.
    Book review of "Overcriminalization: The Limits of the Criminal Law" by Douglas Husak

  5. Shining the Bright Light on Police Interrogation in America

    Godsey, Mark A.
    Book review of "Police Interrogation and American Justice" by Richard A. Leo

  6. In the Sweat Box: A Historical Perspective on the Detention of Material Witnesses

    Ramsey, Carolyn B.

  7. "If You Are Not a United States Citizen...": International Requirements in the Arrest of Foreigners

    Quigley, John B.

  8. Diminishing Probable Cause and Minimalist Searches

    Kinports, Kit

  9. In Defense of Victim Impact Statements

    Cassell, Paul G.

  10. How Prosecutor Elections Fail Us

    Wright, Ronald F.

  11. The Special Threat of Informants to the Innocent Who Are Not Innocents: Producing "First Drafts," Recording Incentives, and Taking a Fresh Look at the Evidence

    Mosteller, Robert P.

  12. Prosecutorial Discretion and Post-Conviction Evidence of Innocence

    Green, Bruce A.; Yaroshefsky, Ellen

  13. Prosecutors and Overcriminalization: Thoughts on Political Dynamics and a Doctrinal Response

    Brown, Darryl K.

  14. Rewarding Prosecutors for Performance

    Bibas, Stephanos

  15. Rethinking the Identity and Role of United States Attorneys

    Beale, Sara Sun

  16. Prosecutorial Discretion: Introduction

    Beale, Sara Sun

  17. Table of Contents (Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 2009)

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