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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 7:2 (Spring 2010)

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  1. What Are We Doing to the Children?: An Essay on Juvenile (In)justice

    Tigar, Michael E.

  2. Fear and Trembling in Criminal Judgment

    Pillsbury, Samuel H.
    Book review of "The Origins of Reasonable Doubt: Theological Roots of the Criminal Trial" by James Q. Whitman

  3. The Role of History

    Clancy, Thomas K.
    Book review of "The Fourth Amendment: Origins and Original Meaning 602-1791" by William J. Cuddihy

  4. After the Implosion: Trailing-Edge Guidelines for a New Era

    Osler, Mark

  5. The Prosecutor and Post-Conviction Claims of Innocence: DNA and Beyond?

    Ginsburg, Douglas H.; Hunt, Hyland

  6. Crime Music

    Capers, Bennett

  7. The Cooperating Witness Who Lies -- A Challenge to Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Judges

    Freedman, Monroe H.

  8. "It's Not My Problem?" Wrong: Prosecutors Have an Important Ethical Role to Play

    Little, Rory K.

  9. Constructing Systematic Safeguards Against Informant Perjury

    Joy, Peter A.

  10. Cutting Bait

    Scheller, Fritz

  11. 5K1.1 to be Obtained by Perjury -- What to Do, What to Do?

    Hall, John Wesley, Jr.

  12. My Client, the Cooperator, Lied: Now What?

    Yaroshefsky, Ellen

  13. Defense Counsel and Plea Bargain Perjury

    McMunigal, Kevin C.

  14. The Role of the Defense Attorney: Not Just an Advocate

    Flowers, Roberta K.

  15. Ethically Representing a Lying Cooperator: Disclosure as the Nuclear Deterrent

    Green, Bruce A.

  16. Criminal Law Defense, Ethics, and the Client Who Plans to Lie

    Batey, Robert

  17. Eyewitness Identifications and State Courts as Guardians Against Wrongful Conviction

    Thompson, Sandra Guerra

  18. Two Windows into Innocence

    Thomas, George C., III

  19. Coming Home: Accommodating the Special Needs of Military Veterans to the Criminal Justice System

    Hawkins, Michael Daly

  20. Controlling the Damage Done by Crawford v. Washington: Three Constructive Proposals

    Dripps, Donald A.

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