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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 8:1 (Fall 2010)

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  1. Response by Richard A. Leo and Jon B. Gould

    Leo, Richard A.; Gould, Jon B.

  2. Letters to the Journal

  3. An Honest Services Debate

    Beale, Sara Sun

  4. Proportionate Thoughts About Proportionality

    Singer, Richard G.
    Book review of "Proportionality Principles in American Law: Controlling Excessive Government Actions" by E. Thomas Sullivan and Richard S. Frase

  5. Responsible Victims and (Partly) Justified Offenders

    Duff, R. A.
    Book review of "Victims' Rights and Victims' Wrongs: Comparative Liability in Criminal Law" by Vera Bergelson

  6. Guilty By Implicit Racial Bias: The Guilty/Not Guilty Implicit Association Test

    Levinson, Justin D.; Cai, Huajian; Young, Danielle

  7. The One-State Solution to Teaching Criminal Law, or, Leaving the Common Law and the MPC Behind

    Flanders, Chad

  8. The Excitement of Interdictory Ideas: A Response to Professor Anders Walker

    DeGirolami, Marc O.

  9. Does Criminal Law Matter? Thoughts on Dean v. United States and Flores-Figueroa v. United States

    Johnson, Eric A.

  10. The Promise and Pitfalls of Neuroscience for Criminal Law and Procedure

    Bandes, Susan A.

  11. Citizens' Assignments of Punishments for Moral Transgressions: A Case Study in the Psychology of Punishment

    Darley, John M.

  12. Prosecutorial Agnosticism

    Burke, Alafair S.

  13. Police Are People Too: Cognitive Obstacles to, and Opportunities for, Police Getting the Individualized Suspicion Judgment Right

    Taslitz, Andrew E.

  14. Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and the Criminal Justice System

    Denno, Deborah W.

  15. Table of Contents (Volume 8, Number 1, Fall 2010)

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