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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 8:2 (Spring 2011)

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  1. Last Attorney to the Jury Box Is a Rotten Egg: Overcoming Psychological Hurdles in the Order of Presentation at Trial

    Shirkey, Hyatt Browning

  2. The Conundrum of Zealous Respresentation

    Sundby, Scott E.
    Book review of "Rising Road: A True Tale of Love, Race, and Religion in America" by Sharon Davies

  3. Taking the Mystery Out of Murder Rates: Can It Be Done?

    Lane, Roger
    Book review of "American Homicide" by Randolph Roth

  4. Jury Poker: A Statistical Analysis of the Fair Cross-Section Requirement

    Ré, Richard M.

  5. Federalism and Sentencing Reform in the Post-Blakely/Booker Era

    Pryor, William H., Jr.

  6. Self-Defense, Permissions, and the Means Principle: A Reply to Quong

    Ferzan, Kimberly Kessler

  7. Making Sense of White-Collar Crime: Theory and Research

    Simpson, Sally S.

  8. Confined, Crammed, and Inextricable: What The Wire Gets Right

    Sklansky, David Alan

  9. Crime, Legitimacy, Our Criminal Network, and The Wire

    Capers, Bennett

  10. I Got the Shotgun: Reflections on The Wire, Prosecutors, and Omar Little

    Burke, Alafair S.

  11. And All the Pieces Matter: Thoughts on The Wire and the Criminal Justice System

    Bandes, Susan A.

  12. The HBO Series The Wire: Introduction

    Capers, Bennett

  13. The Political Morality of the Eighth Amendment

    Sigler, Mary

  14. Deontology, Political Morality, and the State

    Lee, Youngjae

  15. Deterrent Punishment and Respect for Persons

    Hoskins, Zachary

  16. Social Contracts, Fair Play, and the Justification of Punishment

    Dagger, Richard

  17. Punishment as Contract

    Finkelstein, Claire

  18. Expressive Punishment and Political Authority

    Bennett, Christopher

  19. Political Theory and Criminal Punishment: Introduction

    Sigler, Mary

  20. Table of Contents (Volume 8, Number 2, Spring 2011)

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