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  1. What Powers the 3000-Day Light Curve of SN 2006gy?

    Fox, Ori D.; Smith, Nathan; Ammons, S. Mark; Andrews, Jennifer; Bostroem, K. Azalee; Cenko, S. Bradley; Clayton, Geoffrey C.; Dwek, Eli; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Gallagher, Joseph S.; Kelly, Patrick L.; Mauerhan, Jon C.; Miller, Adam M.; Van Dyk, Schuyler D.
    SN 2006gy was the most luminous supernova (SN) ever observed at the time of its discovery and the first of the newly defined class of superluminous supernovae (SLSNe). The extraordinary energetics of SN 2006gy and all SLSNe (>10^(51) erg) require either atypically large explosion energies (e.g. pair-instability explosion) or the efficient conversion of kinetic into radiative energy (e.g. shock interaction). The mass-loss characteristics can therefore offer important clues regarding the progenitor system. For the case of SN 2006gy, both a scattered and thermal light echo from circumstellar material (CSM) have been reported at later epochs (day ∼800), ruling out the...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 05-feb-2016

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