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Computer Science and Automation (csa)

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  1. Plan Bouquets : An Exploratory Approach to Robust Query Processing

    Dutt, Anshuman
    Over the last four decades, relational database systems, with their mathematical basis in first-order logic, have provided a congenial and efficient environment to handle enterprise data during its entire life cycle of generation, storage, maintenance and processing. An organic reason for their pervasive popularity is intrinsic support for declarative user queries, wherein the user only specifies the end objectives, and the system takes on the responsibility of identifying the most efficient means, called “plans”, to achieve these objectives. A crucial input to generating efficient query execution plans are the compile-time estimates of the data volumes that are output by the...
    - 27-sep-2017

  2. Retweet Profiling - Study Dissemination of Twitter Messages

    Rangnani, Soniya
    Social media has become an important means of everyday communication. It is a mechanism for “sharing” and “resharing” of information. While social network platforms provide the means to users for resharing/reblogging (aka retweeting), it remains unclear what motivates users to share. Predicting the spread of content is quite important for several purposes such as viral marketing, popular news detection, personalized message recommendation and on-line advertisement. Social content systems store all the information produced in the interactions between users. However, to turn this data into information that allows us to extract patterns, it is important to consider the different phenomena involved...
    - 24-sep-2017

  3. Feature Adaptation Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning with Applications to Wireless Sensor Networks And Road Traffic Control

    Prabuchandran, K J
    Many sequential decision making problems under uncertainty arising in engineering, science and economics are often modelled as Markov Decision Processes (MDPs). In the setting of MDPs, the goal is to and a state dependent optimal sequence of actions that minimizes a certain long-term performance criterion. The standard dynamic programming approach to solve an MDP for the optimal decisions requires a complete model of the MDP and is computationally feasible only for small state-action MDPs. Reinforcement learning (RL) methods, on the other hand, are model-free simulation based approaches for solving MDPs. In many real world applications, one is often faced with...
    - 21-sep-2017

  4. Module Grobner Bases Over Fields With Valuation

    Sen, Aritra
    Tropical geometry is an area of mathematics that interfaces algebraic geometry and combinatorics. The main object of study in tropical geometry is the tropical variety, which is the combinatorial counterpart of a classical variety. A classical variety is converted into a tropical variety by a process called tropicalization, thus reducing the problems of algebraic geometry to problems of combinatorics. This new tropical variety encodes several useful information about the original variety, for example an algebraic variety and its tropical counterpart have the same dimension. In this thesis, we look at the some of the computational aspects of tropical algebraic geometry. We...
    - 29-ago-2017

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