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  1. Investigation of Nonlinearities in Graphene Based NEMS

    Parmar, Marsha Mary
    Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) have drawn considerable attention towards several sensing applications such as force, spin, charge and mass. These devices due to their smaller size, operate at very high frequencies (MHz - GHz) and have very high quality factors (102 -105). However, the early onset of nonlinearity limits the linear dynamic range of these devices. In this work we investigate the nonlinearities and their effect on the performance of graphene based NEMS. Electromechanical devices based on 2D materials are extremely sensitive to strain. We studied the effect of strain on the performance of single layer Graphene NEMS and show how...
    - 06-oct-2017

  2. Crystal Structures of Sortase A from Streptococcus Penumoniae : Insights into Domain-Swapped Dimerization. Crystal Structures of Designed Peptides : Inhibitors of Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide (hIAPP) Fibrillization Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes And Those Forming Self-Assembled Nanotubes

    Misra, Anurag
    Sortases are cell-membrane associated cysteine transpeptidases that are essential for the assembly and covalent anchoring of certain surface proteins to the cell wall in Gram-positive bacteria. Thus, they play critical roles in virulence, infection and colonization by pathogens. Sortases have been classified as type A, B, C, D, E and F based on their phylogeny and the target-protein motifs that they recognize. Sortase A (SrtA) enzymes participate in cell wall anchoring of proteins involved in bacterial adhesion, immune evasion, internalization, and phage recognition and in some cases pili formation. SrtA substrates are characterised by the presence of a C-terminal cell...
    - 28-sep-2017

  3. The Cosmic Population of Extended Radio Sources : A Radio-Optical Study

    Thorat, Kshitij
    This thesis presents studies of cosmic populations of extragalactic radio sources. The problems selected for this thesis are 1) the derivation of constraints on the emergence of new sub-mJy populations at flux density below about 1mJy (at1.4 GHz) paying careful attention to including sources with low surface brightness and counting sources rather than components 2) development of a new method to estimate the asymmetry in the large scale galaxy environment with respect to the axes of extended radio sources and use this to examine for evidence of impact of the environment on the morphology of radio sources. The studies presented...
    - 28-sep-2017

  4. Mixed Alkali Effect in Oxyfluoro Vanadate Glasses And The Effect of Rare Earth Ions on Oxyfluoro Tellurite Glasses - A Spectroscopic Study

    Honnavar, Gajanan V
    The main motivation of this thesis is to study the long standing problem of mixed alkali effect (MAE) in oxyfluro vanadate glass systems from the point of view of structural arrangement and to investigate the effect of two rare earth ions, namely, erbium and europium on the structure of tellurium dioxide based glass. In glass science, it is well known that when one alkali in a glass matrix is gradually replaced by another alkali, leads to a non-linear variation in some of the physical properties. There are many a theories trying to explain this effect. Recently the renewed interest lies...
    - 21-sep-2017

  5. Shear Induced Transitions In Mixed Surfactant Systems And Anisotropic Colloids

    Vikram Rathee, *
    This thesis deals with the non-equilibrium phenomena under shear observed mainly in bilayer forming liquid crystalline phases of mixed surfactant systems, anisotropic colloidal dispersions as well as Langmuir monolayers of membrane peptides. To correlate the structural transitions under shear with the mechanical properties or flow behaviour, the rheological measurements are combined with different techniques such as optical imaging (bright field, polarizing or confocal), small angle light scattering as well as small angle x-ray scattering (Rheo-SAXS) measurements. The bilayer forming phases that have been studied consist of mixed surfactant system formed by a mixture of ionic amphiphiles with strong binding organic...
    - 29-ago-2017

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