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  1. Composite Current Space Vector Based Powerline Communication (PLC) Method For Grid Connected Inverters In AC Microgrids

    Srinivas, N R
    Power distribution facilities all over the world have been committed towards making the grids smarter in order to reduce the risks of grid failures and provide an affordable, reliable, and sustainable supply of electricity to the end consumers. The smart grid concept involves incorporation of monitoring, analysis and control functions into the existing power distribution infrastructure. One of the foremost steps in realizing the smart grid concept is the integration of information and communication technologies with power system engineering. Various communication technologies are available, out of which Powerline Communication (PLC) has been found to be most suitable owing to its...

  2. Development Of Micromachined And Meso-Scale Multi-Axis Accelerometers With Displacement-Amplifying Compliant Mechanisms

    Khan, Sambuddha
    Simultaneously achieving high-sensitivity and a large resonance frequency of micromachined accelerometers is difficult because of the inherent trade-off between the two. In this thesis, we present a mechanical displacement-amplifying technique that is amenable to micromachining to enhance sensitivity without compromising on the resonance frequency and cross-axis sensitivity. Depending on the requirements of sensitivity alone or sensitivity and resonance frequency, Displacement-amplifying Compliant Mechanisms (DaCMs) are designed using the selection map-based technique, which indicates the limits of what is possible for given specifications on size and microfabrication. In order to prove the benefits of a DaCM, we modified the designs of two...

  3. Investigation On Dodecagonal Multilevel Voltage Space Vector Structures By Cascading Flying Capacitor And Floating H-Bridge Cells For Medium Voltage IM Drives

    Mathew, Jaison
    In high-power electric drives, multilevel inverters are generally deployed to address issues such as electromagnetic interference, switch voltage stress and harmonic distortion. The switching frequency of the inverter is always kept low, of the order of 1KHz or even less to reduce switching losses and synchronous pulse width modulation (PWM) is used to avoid the problem of sub-harmonics and beat frequencies. This is particularly important if the switching frequency is very low. The synchronous PWM is getting popularity as its realization is very easy with digital controllers compared to analog controllers. Neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverters, cascaded H-bridge, and flying-capacitor multilevel inverters...

  4. Securing Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip

    Biswas, Arnab Kumar
    MHRD PhD scholarship

  5. Ring Oscillator Based Temperature Sensor

    Walvekar, Trupti
    The temperature sensor design discussed in this thesis, is meant mainly to monitor temperature at power outlets. Current variations in power cords have a direct impact on the surrounding temperature. Sensing these variations ,enables us to take necessary measures to prevent any hazards due to temperature rise. Thus, for this application we require a sensor with a moderate temperature error (_10C) over a sensing range of -200C to 1500C. Low power consumption and simple digitizing scheme alleviate measurement errors due to self heating effects of the sensor. A current starved inverter based ring oscillator was chosen for the sensor design in...

  6. A New Digital Receiver For The Ooty Radio Telescope

    Prabu, T
    A new digital receiver was built for the Ooty Radio Telescope (ORT). This new digital receiver system functionally replaces many systems custom-built for various applications at ORT. The thesis presents the receiver design, tests conducted, contributions made, revisions to the receiver architecture and future scopes. The novelty of the receiver design is in treating the ORT as an array of 22 antenna elements. Simulation studies were carried out to analyze the array performance of ORT. The IF signals are digitized and processed by a combination of multiple FPGAs and computers. Major transport of data in the receiver is through high...

  7. Compact Modeling Of Asymmetric/Independent Double Gate MOSFET

    Srivatsava, J
    For the past 40 years, relentless focus on Moore’s Law transistor scaling has provided ever-increasing transistor performance and density. In order to continue the technology scaling beyond 22nm node, it is clear that conventional bulk-MOSFET needs to be replaced by new device architectures, most promising being the Multiple-Gate MOSFETs (MuGFET). Intel in mid 2011 announced the use of bulk Tri-Gate FinFETs in 22nm high volume logic process for its next-gen IvyBridge Microprocessor. It is expected that soon other semiconductor companies will also adopt the MuGFET devices. As like bulk-MOSFET, an accurate and physical compact model is important for MuGFET based...

  8. Integrated Magnetics Based DC-DC Converter Topologies For A DC Micro-Grid

    Deepak, G
    In the present day, owing to the increasing number of electronic loads such as computer power supplies, Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and the increasing number of sources such as solar photovoltaics, fuel cells (DC sources), DC Micro-grids provide a more efficient solution compared to the AC counterpart in terms of the number of stages involved in conversion. Also, the ability to be readily buffered to storage elements is an advantage in a DC system. Apart from this, there are no issues of frequency stability, reactive power transfer and ac power losses. A DC micro-grid is effectively a multi-port dc-dc converter. The...

  9. Grid Interactive Quality AC Power Supply With Switching Arm Based Integrated Magnetics For Dynamically Controlled Interconnection Among Multiple Sources And Loads

    Roy, Sudhin
    The extensive use of nonlinear loads in today’s world has inspired considerable research interest in the area of power quality improvement. This thesis proposes an integrated magnetics based compact solution which provides regulated, balanced and sinusoidal load voltage drawing sinusoidal and balanced currents from the grid. Thus, it supplies clean power to the load without polluting the grid. It consists of an EI shaped magnetic core and two compensators known as the series and shunt compensators. The series compensator ensures the quality of output voltage, where as the shunt one takes care of quality of the current drawn from the...

  10. Bond Graph Model Of A Generalised Multiphase Electromagnetic Device With Magnetic Non-idealities

    Rai, B Umesh
    The electromagnetic machines like the dc, induction, synchronous motor/generator and the transformer have an energy flow framework that is similar. All these machines deal with electrical energy in the electrical domain that is interfaced with the magnetic domain. Except for the transformer, the other machines also have one more energy interface i.e. with the mechanical domain. In all these machines, the magnetic domain acts as the silent energy manager. The electrical and the mechanical domain energies will have to pass through the magnetic domain and appropriately get routed. In recognition of the commonality of this pattern of energy flow, this...

  11. Power Line For Data Communication : Characterisation And Simulation

    Yogesh, S

  12. Investigations On Sensorless Vector Control Using Current Error Space Phasor And Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drive Based On Hexagonal And 12-Sided Polygonal Voltage Space Vectors

    Ramubhai, Patel Chintanbhai
    Variable-speed Induction motor drives are nowadays used for various kinds of industrial processes, transportation systems, wind turbines and household appliances in the world. The majority of drives are for general purpose speed control applications where accurate speed control is not required for entire speed range. But for high dynamic drive application, very precise and fast control of induction motor drive is essential. For such applications, sophisticated and well-performing control design is a key issue. Precise and accurate torque control of the Induction Motor (IM) can only be accomplished by vector control and direct torque control. In terms of space vector...

  13. A Digital Spectral Correlator For GMRT

    Tatke, V M

  14. Some Applications Of Integer Sequences In Digital Signal Processing And Their Implications On Performance And Architecture

    Arulalan, M R
    Contemporary research in digital signal processing (DSP) is focused on issues of computational complexity, very high data rate and large quantum of data. Thus, the success in newer applications and areas hinge on handling these issues. Conventional ways to address these challenges are to develop newer structures like Multirate signal processing, Multiple Input Multiple Output(MIMO), bandpass sampling, compressed domain sensing etc. In the implementation domain, the approach is to look at floating point over fixed point representation and / or longer wordlength etc., related to number representations and computations. Of these, a simple approach is to look at number representation,...

  15. Performance Modelling Of TCP-Controlled File Transfers In Wireless LANs, And Applications In AP-STA Association

    Pradeepa, B K
    Our work focuses on performance modelling of TCP-controlled file transfers in infrastructure mode IEEE 802.11 wireless networks, and application of the models in developing association schemes. A comprehensive set of analytical models is used to study the behaviour of TCP-controlled long and short file transfers in IEEE 802.11 WLANs. The results can provide insight into the performance of TCP-controlled traffic in 802.11 WLANs in a variety of different network environments. First, we consider several WLAN stations associated at rates r1, r2, ...,rk with an Access Point. Each station (STA) is downloading a long file from a local server, located on...

  16. A Polymorphic Finite Field Multiplier

    Das, Saptarsi
    Cryptography algorithms like the Advanced Encryption Standard, Elliptic Curve Cryptography algorithms etc are designed using algebraic properties of finite fields. Thus performance of these algorithms depend on performance of the underneath field operations. Moreover, different algorithms use finite fields of widely varying order. In order to cater to these finite fields of different orders in an area efficient manner, it is necessary to design solutions in the form of hardware-consolidations, keeping the performance requirements in mind. Due to their small area occupancy and high utilization, such circuits are less likely to stay idle and therefore are less prone to loss...

  17. Physics Based Analytical Thermal Conductivity Model For Metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotube

    Rex, A
    Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) based Very Large Scale Integrated circuit (VLSI) interconnect is one of the emerging technologies, and has the potential to overcome the thermal issues persisting even with the advanced copper based interconnect. This is because of it’s promising electrical and thermal transport properties. It can be stated that thermal energy transport in SWCNTs is highly anisotropic due to the quasi one dimensionality, and like in other allotropes of carbon, phonons are the dominant energy carriers of heat conduction. In case of conventional interconnect materials, copper and aluminium, although their thermal conductivity varies over orders of magnitude at...

  18. Rectifier And Inverter System For Driving Axial Flux BLDC Motors In More Electric Aircraft Application

    De, Sukumar
    In the past two decades the core aircraft technology is going through a drastic change. The traditional technologies that is almost half a century old, is going through a complete revamp. In the new “More Electric Aircraft” technology many mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are being replaced by electrical and power electronic systems. Airbus-A380, Boeing B-787 are the pioneers in the family of these new breed of aircrafts. As the aircraft technology is moving towards “More Electric”, more and more electric motors and motor controllers are being used in new aircrafts. Number of electric motor drive systems has increased by...

  19. Design & Implementation Of Low Power Sigma Delta ADCs For Wide Band Applications

    Harish, C
    This thesis focuses on the design and implementation of low power Σ∆ ADCs in 130 nanometer CMOS technology. The design issues in the implementation of a third order ADC with a multi-bit and single bit quantizer are discussed. The advancement in CMOS technology has led to designing as much of electronics systems as possible with the digital circuits and digital signal processing replacing analog processing in most cases. Hence there is a need for digitizing analog signals with analog to digital converter (ADC). In communication systems this needs to be done immediately after the antenna in a receiver system. As...

  20. Modeling, Optimization And Design Of A Solar Thermal Energy Transport System For Hybrid Cooking Application

    Prasanna, U R
    Cooking is an integral part of each and every human being as food is one of the basic necessities for living. Commonly used sources of energy for cooking are firewood, crop residue, cow dung, kerosene, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas(LPG), biogas etc. Half of the world’s population is exposed to indoor air pollution, mainly the result of burning solid fuels for cooking and heating. Wood cut for cooking purpose contributes tothe16 million hectares(above4% of total area of India) of forest destroyed annually. The World Health Organization(WHO) reports that in 23 countries 10% of deaths are due to just two environmental risk...

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