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Metallurgy (metalrg)

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  1. Corrosion And Wear Behaviour of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation And Laser Surface Alloy Coatings Produced on Mg Alloys

    Rapheal, George
    In the present investigation, surface coatings employing laser surface alloying (LSA) and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) processes have been prepared on Mg alloys. The coatings have been investigated for corrosion and wear behaviour. Two important Mg alloys based on Mg–Al system were selected namely, MRI 230D and AM50 as substrates. LSA coatings have been prepared employing Al and Al2O3 as precursors using different laser scan speeds. PEO coatings were prepared in standard silicate and phosphate based electrolytes employing unipolar, pulsed DC. Hybrid coatings using a combination of the two processes were also produced and investigated for corrosion and wear behaviour....

  2. Some Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V-B Alloys

    Singh, Gaurav
    The alloys of Ti are extensively used in a number of industries with the α+β alloy Ti-6Al-4V (referred to as Ti64 hereafter) being the most popular. Recently, it was demonstrated that the addition of a small amount of B – as small as 0.04 wt.% – results in an order-of-magnitude reduction in the as-cast grain size. Consequently, there is considerable current interest in understanding the mechanical behaviour of B-modified alloys, with particular emphasis on correlating the microstructural changes with the property variations and the deleterious effects – if any – of TiB particles especially in the context of fatigue. Prior...

  3. Engineering Bioactive And Multifunctional Graphene Polymer Composites for Bone Tissue Regeneration

    Kumar, Sachin B
    The growing incidences of orthopedic problems globally have created a huge demand for strong bioactive materials for bone tissue engineering. Over the years, studies have shown chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of biomaterials influence the cellular interactions at the material-tissue interface, which subsequently controls biological response to materials. Strong biomaterials with surface properties that actively direct cellular response hold the key for engineering the next generation orthopedic implants. With its unique properties graphene can be used to reinforce poly (ε-caprolactone) (PCL) to prepare strong and bioactive polymer nanocomposites for bone tissue regeneration. The thesis entitled ―Engineering bioactive and multifunctional graphene...

  4. Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on Microstructure And Microtexture Evolution in Titanium Alloys

    Nair, Shanoob Balachandran
    The properties of titanium alloys are based on alloy compositions and microstructures that consist of mixtures of the two allotropic modifications of titanium, the low temperature α (hcp) and the high temperature β (bcc) phases. This thesis deals with the hot working behaviour of three commercial titanium alloy compositions designated IMI834, Ti17 and Ti5553 with a focus and detailed analysis of the Ti5553 alloy. These alloys represent the differing uses of titanium alloys in the aerospace industry. IMI834 is a near α alloy used in high temperature creep resistant applications as compressor discs and blades in aeroengines. Ti17 is a...

  5. Length Scale Effects in Deformation of Polycrystalline Nickel

    Ghosh, Pradipta
    The demand for compact, efficient and high performance electronic devices and sensor systems has become one of the primary driving force for rapid advancement in miniaturization of current technology. However, the attempt to push the limits of component length scales into the nano regime is being challenged by possibly unconventional laws of physics. One of the key design parameters for good performance of any system is its structural stability, defined by the strength of a material. The strength of a material is defined as its resistance to plastic (or permanent) deformation. In conventional metals plastic deformation is carried by the...

  6. Effect of Process Parameters on the Growth of N-Polar GaN on Sapphire by MOCVD

    Yaddanapudi, G R Krishna
    Group III-Nitrides (GaN, InN & AlN) are considered one of the most important class of semiconducting materials after Si and GaAs. The excellent optical and electrical properties of these nitrides result in numerous applications in lighting, lasers, and high-power/high-frequency devices. Due to the lack of cheap bulk III- Nitride substrates, GaN based devices have been developed on foreign substrates like Si, sapphire and SiC. These technologies have been predominantly developed on the so called Ga-polarity epitaxial stacks with growth in the [0001] direction of GaN. It is this orientation that grows most easily on sapphire by metal organic chemical vapor...

  7. Microstructure Design And Interfacial Effects On Thermoelectric Properties Of Bi-Sb-Te System

    Femi, Olu Emmanuel
    Climate change is a subject of deep distress in today’s world. Over dependence on hydrocarbon has resulted in serious environmental problems. Rising sea level, global warming and ozone layer depletion are the mainstream of any discuss world over. The collective goal of cutting carbon emission by the year 2020has prompted the search for clean, alternative energy sources. This effort are already yielding good reward as other forms of energy such as solar, wind, nuclear and hydro have received huge investment and renew interest over the past decade. Thermoelectric materials over the past decades have been tipped to replace conventional means...

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