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  1. Ranking And Classification of Chemical Structures for Drug Discovery : Development of Fragment Descriptors And Interpolation Scheme

    Kandel, Durga Datta
    Deciphering the activity of chemical molecules against a pathogenic organism is an essential task in drug discovery process. Virtual screening, in which few plausible molecules are selected from a large set for further processing using computational methods, has become an integral part and complements the expensive and time-consuming in vivo and in vitro experiments. To this end, it is essential to extract certain features from molecules which in the one hand are relevant to the biological activity under consideration, and on the other are suitable for designing fast and robust algorithms. The features/representations are derived either from physicochemical properties or...
    - 02-dic-2017

  2. Clustering for Model Reduction of Circuits : Multi-level Techniques

    Milind, R
    Miniaturisation of electronic chips poses challenges at the design stage. The progressively decreasing circuit dimensions result in complex electrical behaviour that necessitates complex models. Simulation of complex circuit models involves extraordinarily large compu- tational complexity. Such complexity is better managed through Model Order Reduction. Model order reduction has been successful in large reductions in system order for most types of circuits, at high levels of accuracy. However, multiport circuits with large number of inputs/outputs, pose an additional computational challenge. A strategy based on exible clustering of interconnects results in more e cient reduction of multiport circuits. Clustering methods traditionally use Krylov-subspace methods such as PRIMA for the actual model reduction step....
    - 22-nov-2017

  3. Elasticity in IaaS Cloud, Preserving Performance SLAs

    Dhingra, Mohit
    Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS), one of the service models of cloud computing, provides resources in the form of Virtual Machines(VMs). Many applications hosted on the IaaS cloud have time varying workloads. These kind of applications benefit from the on-demand provision ing characteristic of cloud platforms. Applications with time varying workloads demand time varying resources in IaaS, which requires elastic resource provisioning in IaaS, such that their performance is intact. In current IaaS cloud systems, VMs are static in nature as their configurations do not change once they are instantiated. Therefore, fluctuation in resource demand is handled in two ways: allocating more VMs to...
    - 15-nov-2017

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