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Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics (mrdg)

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  1. Exploring the Evolution of Cellobiose Utilization in Shigella Sonnei And the Conservation of ChbG Orthologs in Eukaryotes

    Joseph, Asha Mary
    The chb operon constitutes the genes essential for utilization of chitooligosaccharides in Escherichia coli and related species. The six genes of the operon code for a transcriptional regulator (ChbR) of the operon, a permease (ChbBCA), a monodeacetylase (ChbG), and a phospho-beta-glucosidase (ChbF). In the absence of the substrate, the operon is maintained in a transcriptionally repressed state, while presence of the substrate leads to transcriptional activation. Regulation of the chb operon is brought about by the concerted action of three proteins, the negative regulator NagC coded by the nag operon, the dual function regulator ChbR coded by the chb operon...
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Role of Chemokine Receptor, CXCR4 Mediated Signaling in Cellular Senescence

    Nair, Raji R
    Cellular senescence has been proposed to be equivalent to organismal aging and is one of the outcomes of the cell fate decision process in response to DNA damage that occurs in cells. When a cell encounters DNA damage, the cell cycle is immediately halted to evaluate which decision to take in response to genomic insult. The choices are between repairing the damage and continue division, or enter a non-replicative but viable state called senescence or to die if damage is severe (Figure 1). The signaling cascade, which detects this damage and regulates the cell fate decision, is collectively called as...
    - 06-oct-2017

  3. Role of CG9650 in Neuronal Development And Function of Drosophila Melanogaster

    Murthy, Smrithi
    The nervous system is the most complex system in an organism. Functioning of the nervous system requires proper formation of neural cells, as well as accurate connectivity and signaling among them. While the major events that occur during these processes are known, the finer details are yet to be understood. Hence, an attempt was made to look for novel genes that could be involved in them. The focus of the present study is on CG9650, a gene that was uncovered in a misexpression screen, as a possible player in neuronal development in Drosophila melanogaster. The first chapter of the thesis...
    - 06-oct-2017

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