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Aerospace Engineering (aero)

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  1. Fluid-Elastic Interactions in Flutter And Flapping Wing Propulsion

    Mysa, Ravi Chaithanya
    This study seeks to understand the interplay of vorticity and elasto-dynamics that forms the basis for a fluttering flag and flapping wing propulsion, and factors that distinguish one from the other. The fluid dynamics is assumed two dimensional and incompressible, and comprises potential and viscous flow simulations. The elastic solid is one dimensional and governed by the Bernoulli-Euler flexure model. The fluid and elastic solid models are coupled using a predictor-corrector algorithm. Flutter of a flag or foil is associated with drag and we show that the pressure on the foil is predominantly circulatory in origin. The circulatory pressure generated...
    - 07-oct-2017

  2. Shocks, Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction, And Transonic Flutter

    Karnick, Pradeepa Tumkur
    Transonic utter is an aeroelastic instability characterized by part-chord shocks over an airfoil and single mode oscillations leading to a drop in the utter boundary. We present a numerical study that examines the influence of shocks, shock-boundary layer interactions, and three-dimensional flow features on the transonic utter boundary. Using energy concepts we show that shocks and shock-boundary layer interactions have a profound influence on the stability of an aeroelastic system. Viscosity stabilizes the aeroelastic system through thickness effects up-to the bottom of the transonic dip. Beyond, shock induced separation not only stalls the aeroelastic system, but also makes it oscillate...
    - 28-sep-2017

  3. Kinetic Streamlined-Upwind Petrov Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

    Dilip, Jagtap Ameya
    In the last half a century, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been established as an important complementary part and some times a significant alternative to Experimental and Theoretical Fluid Dynamics. Development of efficient computational algorithms for digital simulation of fluid flows has been an ongoing research effort in CFD. An accurate numerical simulation of compressible Euler equations, which are the gov-erning equations of high speed flows, is important in many engineering applications like designing of aerospace vehicles and their components. Due to nonlinear nature of governing equations, such flows admit solutions involving discontinuities like shock waves and contact discontinuities. Hence,...
    - 21-sep-2017

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