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  1. Evaluation of Alternate DNA Structures at c-MYC Fragile Region Associated with t(8;14) Translocation And Role of GNG Motifs During G-quadruplex Formation

    Das, Kohal
    Watson-Crick paired B-form DNA is the genetic material in most of the biological systems. Integrity of DNA is of utmost importance for the normal functioning of any organism. Various environmental factors, chemicals and endogenous agents constantly challenge integrity of the genome resulting in mutagenesis. Over the past few decades multiple reports suggest that DNA can adopt alternative conformations other than the right handed double helix. Such structures occur within the context of B-DNA as sequence dependent structural variations and are facilitated by free energy derived from negative supercoiling, which may be generated during physiological processes like transcription, replication, etc. or...
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Isolation And Identification of Tropane Alkaloid Producing Endophytic Fungi from Datura Metel L., And Studies on Colletotrichum Boninense Recombinant Putrescine N-mehtyltransferase

    Naik, Tanushree
    Datura metel is a herbaceous plant found in almost all tropical parts of the world. It belongs to the family Solanaceae whose members, viz. Duboisia, Atropa, Hyoscyamus and Datura plants are known to produce tropane alkaloids- hyoscyamine and scopolamine which are most noted for their therapeutic use as anti-cholinergic agents. Since these alkaloids are produced in very low amounts in plants, alternative sources and methods of production for these alkaloids have been crucial in meeting the demands for these drugs. Endophytic fungi inhabiting a plant may have the potential to produce the same compounds as the host plants. The aim...
    - 12-oct-2017

  3. Physiological And Exogenous Means of Regulating DNA Damage Response : Insights into Mechanisms of DNA Repair And Genomic Instability

    Sebastian, Robin
    Maintenance of genomic integrity with high fidelity is of prime importance to any organism. An insult which may result in compromised genome integrity is prevented or its consequences are monitored by advanced cellular networks, collectively called the DNA damage response (DDR). Various DNA repair pathways, which are part of DDR, constantly correct the genome in the event of any undesirable change in the genetic material and prevent the transmission of any impairment to daughter cells. Non homologous DNA end joining (NHEJ) is the predominant DNA repair pathway associated with DDR in higher eukaryotes, correcting double-strand breaks (DSBs). Microhomology mediated end...
    - 24-sep-2017

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