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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 10:2 (Spring 2013)

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  1. Prosecution (is) Complex

    Burke, Alafair
    Book review of "Prosecution Complex: America's Race to Convict and Its Impact on The Innocent" by Daniel S. Medwed

  2. Prevention, Wrongdoing, and the Harm Principle's Breaking Point

    Ferzan, Kimberly Kessler
    Book review of "Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs: On the Principles of Criminalisation" by A. P. Simester and Andreas von Hirsch

  3. Learning from Crack

    Osler, Mark

  4. Criminal Confusion: Addressing the Tension Between Bar Preparation & Practical Skills

    Walker, Anders

  5. Challenges and Choices in Criminal Law Course Design

    Fairfax, Roger A., Jr.

  6. Why I Authored a Criminal Law Casebook

    Loewy, Arnold H.

  7. From Philly to Fayetteville: Reflections on Teaching Criminal Law in the First Year...Four Years Later

    Gallini, Brian R.

  8. Role Reversal: Letting Students Ask the Questions in a Criminal Law Class

    Friedland, Steven I.

  9. Teaching to the Test

    Hoeffel, Janet C.

  10. Making a Deal in Criminal Law

    Alkon, Cynthia

  11. A Criminal Law Atheist Teaching in the Seminary

    Wright, Ronald F.

  12. Criminal Law Pedagogy: Making Things Clear

    Lee, Cynthia

  13. Teaching Rape Under Cover

    Rozelle, Susan D.

  14. Law and Order in the Emerald City: Using The Wizard of Oz to Illustrate Homicide Principles

    Barger, Judith M.

  15. Teaching Mens Rea with Flores-Figueroa: Using the Oral Argument to Unwrap the Case

    Hancock, Catherine

  16. An Exercise Exploring the Rationales for Punishment

    Chhablani, Sanjay K.

  17. "I AM Ronald Cotton": Teaching Wrongful Convictions in a Criminal Law Class

    Jones, Cynthia E.

  18. The First Day of Criminal Law: Forgetting Everything You Thought You Already Knew

    Simmons, Kami Chavis

  19. Introduction: Criminal Law Pedagogy

    Podgor, Ellen S.

  20. Fourth Amendment Small Claims Court

    Myers, Richard E., II

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