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High Voltage Engineering (hve)

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  1. Investigations Into Internal Partial Discharge Ageing And Breakdown Of Thin Polypropylene Films

    Thomas, Benny

  2. Signal Processing Tools To Enhance Interpretation Of Impulse Tests On Power Transformers

    Pandey, Santosh Kumar

  3. Investigations On The Breakdown Of Paper-oil Insulation System Under AC, DC And Combined Voltages

    Viswanatha, C

  4. Modelling Of Current-Zero Behaviour Of An SF6 Rotating Arc

    Ravishankar, B R

  5. Analysis Of Sulphur Hexafluoride Gas Blast Arc By A Mathematical Model

    Deshpande, Sachin V

  6. Design Studies, Modelling And Testing The RF Characteristics Of The Radio Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator

    Dixit, Kavita P

  7. Intelligent Systems Based Identification And Control Of SSR In Series Compensated Systems

    Nagabhushana, B S

  8. Developmental Studies On Separately Cooled Sheet Wound Gas Insulated Transformer - Modeling Of Electromagnetic Forces, Surge Voltage And Steady State Current Distribution In The Windings

    Ray, Ayonam

  9. Development Of An Application Specific Parallel Processing Real-Time System For MTDC System Control

    Shyam, V

  10. Analysis And Design Of Test Methods And Test Circuits For HVDC Thyristor Valves

    Lal, Ghamandi

  11. Phase Characterization Of Partial Discharge Distributions In An Oil-Pressboard Insulation System

    Raja, K

  12. Fault Diagnosis Of AC And AC-DC Systems Using Constructive Learning RBF Neural Networks

    Nagabhushana, T N

  13. Partial Discharge Corona Pulse Characterisation In Air And Air-Solid Interface

    Zahra, Fathima

  14. Effects Of Data Pre-processing On Transfer Function And Coherence Function Computed During Impulse Tests On Transformers

    Jithendra, V

  15. Novel Applications Of Fractal Compression And Wavelet Analysis For Partial Discharge Pattern Classification

    Lalitha, E M

  16. Some Novel Ideas For Static And Dynamic Testing Of High-Speed High Resolution ADCs

    Sinha, Alok Kumar

  17. Investigation On The Performance Of Rogowski Coil Current Transducers Near Their Higher Frequency Limit

    Seelam, Srinivasa Rao

  18. A Critique Of k-factor Method With Special Emphasis On Its Implementation

    Pradeep, A

  19. Electric Discharge Plasma Promoted Adsorption/Catalysis, For Removal Of NOx, HC And CO From An Actual Diesel Engine Exhaust

    Srinivasan, A D

  20. N-Radical Injection For Augmenting The Nox Removal In Diesel Engine Exhaust By Electric Discharges

    Sushma, B R

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