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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 11:1 (Fall 2013)

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  1. Maryland v. King and the Wonderful, Horrible DNA Revolution in Law Enforcement

    Roth, Andrea

  2. Maryland v. King: Policing and Genetic Privacy

    Joh, Elizabeth E.

  3. Questioning Retribution, Valuing Humility

    Pillsbury, Samuel H.
    Book review of "Punishment and the Moral Emotions: Essays in Law, Morality, and Religion" by Jeffrie G. Murphy

  4. Drugs, Bombs, and the Erosion of Rights

    Osler, Mark
    Book review of "The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades our Liberties" by David K. Shipler

  5. Interrogation as a Thermometer of Public Fear

    Colb, Sherry F.
    Book review of "Confessions of Guilt: From Torture to Miranda and Beyond" by George C. Thomas III and Richard A. Leo

  6. Personal Reflections on Connick v. Thompson

    Vitiello, Michael

  7. Why Interrogation Contamination Occurs

    Leo, Richard A.

  8. "It Takes Two," So "What's Going On?"

    Krishnamurthi, Guha

  9. A (Moral) Prisoner's Dilemma: Character Ethics and Plea Bargaining

    Ingram, Andrew

  10. The Irrelevance of Reform: Maturation in the Department of Corrections

    Bourgeois, Jeremiah

  11. The Youth Discount: Old Enough To Do The Crime, Too Young To Do The Time

    Feld, Barry C.

  12. "Children are Different": Constitutional Values and Justice Policy

    Scott, Elizabeth S.

  13. Did Changes in Juvenile Sanctions Reduce Juvenile Crime Rates? A Natural Experiment

    Zimring, Franklin E.; Rushin, Stephen

  14. Miller v. Alabama: Is Death (Still) Different?

    Steiker, Carol S.; Steiker, Jordan M.

  15. What's "Different" (Enough) in Eighth Amendment Law?

    Frase, Richard S.

  16. Introduction: Youth Matters: Miller v. Alabama and the Future of Juvenile Sentencing

    Stinneford, John F.

  17. Front Matter (Volume 11, Number 1, Fall 2013)

    Includes Table of Contents and Masthead

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