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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 11:2 (Spring 2014)

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  1. David H. Bodiker Lecture Series on Criminal Justice

    Fitzgerald, Patrick J.

  2. Slaying the Synthetic Hydra: Drafting a Controlled Substances Act that Effectively Captures Synthetic Drugs

    Sathappan, Hari K.

  3. Going to the Source: The "New" Reid Method and False Confessions

    Hirsch, Alan
    Book review

  4. Teaching White Collar Crime: A Fresh Perspective

    Cohen, Jeffrey M.

  5. Teaching Federal Criminal Law: Survey Says..."It's Hard"

    Gallini, Brian R.

  6. Teaching White Collar Crime

    Baer, Miriam H.

  7. White Collar Crime Goes to the Movies

    Moohr, Geraldine Szott

  8. Putting Students First: Engaging Students in Teaching White Collar Crime

    Jordan, Sandra D.

  9. Integrating Problem Solving Exercises into Federal Criminal Law

    Klein, Susan R.

  10. Teaching Research Methods to Understand Business Crimes

    Baradaran, Shima

  11. Writing (And Re-Writing) Federal Criminal Law- in the Classroom

    Berry, William W., III

  12. Teaching the Art of Defending a White Collar Criminal Case

    Copeland, Katrice Bridges

  13. Examining the Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion in White Collar Crime

    Strader, Kelly

  14. Teaching the Methods of White-Collar Criminal Practice: Investigations

    Fairfax, Roger A., Jr.

  15. Introduction: White Collar Crime, Federal Criminal Law, and Business Crimes Pedagogy

    Podgor, Ellen S.

  16. Is Psychological Research on Self-Control Relevant to Criminal Law?

    Litton, Paul

  17. Overcharging

    Graham, Kyle

  18. Moving from Preparation to Perpetration? Attempted Crimes and Breach of the Peace in Scots Law

    Ferguson, Pamela R.

  19. Body Snatchers

    Anderson, Heidi Reamer

  20. Informing the Debate About Sexual Assault in the Military Services: Is the Department of Defense Its Own Worst Enemy?

    Schenck, Lisa M.

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