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  1. Large Area Electronics with Fluids : Field Effect on 2-D Fluid Ribbons for Desalination And Energy Harvesting

    Kodali, Prakash
    This work studies the influence of field effect on large area 2 dimensional ribbons of fluids. A fluid of choice is confined in the channel of a metal-insulator-channel-insulator-metal architecture and is subjected to constant (d.c) or alternating (a.c) fields (de-pending on the application) along with a pressure drive flow. A general fluid would be composed of molecules having certain polarizability and be a dispersion of non-ionic and ionic particulates. The field effect response under pressure driven flow for this fluid would result in electrophoresis, electro osmosis, dielectrophoresis, dipole-dipole interaction and inverse electro osmosis phenomena. Using some of these phenomena we...
    - 19-oct-2017

  2. Automation of Microscopic Tests for Cyto-diagnostics Using Custom-built Slide Scanner

    Swetha, M
    Optical microscopy is the simplest and the gold standard method adopted for the screening and subsequent diagnosis of various hematological and infectious diseases like malaria, sickle cell disease, tuberculosis etc. In addition to infectious disease diagnosis, its applications range from routine blood tests to the more sophisticated cancer biopsy sample analysis. Microscopy Tests (MTs) follow a common procedural workflow: (1) A technician prepares a smear of the given sample on a glass slide in a specific manner depending on the sample and the disease to be diagnosed; (2) The smeared slide is subsequently exposed to fixative agents and different histochemical...
    - 12-oct-2017

  3. Design And Development of Linear Moving Magnet Synchronous Motor Based Twin PTC And HTS Level Sensor for LOX Recondenser

    Gour, Abhay Singh
    Cryocoolers are closed cycle devices which produce cooling below 120 K. Usually, one or two linear motors are used to drive one pulse tube cryocooler. Cryocoolers are used for various applications like, cooling of infra red detectors, cryo surgical knife, cryogen recondenser etc. In this thesis the design development and testing of Twin Pulse Tube Cryocooler (TPTC) are discussed. TPTC consists of two pulse tubes driven by dual piston head linear compressor. This dual piston linear compressor is operated using single linear motor. Using this configuration, cooling power is doubled with reduced cost of compressor. The design, fabrication and testing...
    - 24-sep-2017

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