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Chemical Engineering (chemeng)

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  1. An Application Of Cybernetic Principles To The Modeling And Optimization Of Bioreactors

    Mandli, Aravinda Reddy
    The word cybernetics has its roots in the Greek word \kybernetes" or \steers-man" and was coined by Norbert Wiener in 1948 to describe \the science of control and communication, in the animal and the machine". The discipline focuses on the way various complex systems (animals/machines) steer towards/maintain their goals utilizing information, models and control actions in the face of various disturbances. For a given animal/machine, cybernetics considers all the possible behaviors that the animal/machine can exhibit and then enquires about the constraints that result in a particular behavior. The thesis focuses on the application of principles of cybernetics to the...
    - 29-ago-2017

  2. Studies On Fabrication And Characterisation Of TiO2 Based Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells

    Sharmila, S
    Photovoltaic cells are a promising solution to the current energy crisis. Among the different photovoltaic cell technologies developed, dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC) are emerging as viable low-cost alternatives to Si PV technology. This thesis presents studies on fabrication and characterisation of TiO2 based dye-sensitised solar cells. Chapter 1 gives an overview of different photovoltaic cell technologies and a review of the state-of-the art DSSC technology. Chapter 2 describes the techniques used for characterisation of DSSCs. Chapter 3 describes the fabrication of TiO2 based dye-sensitised solar cells. Chapter 4 presents the analysis of measurements obtained by the characterisation techniques. Finally chapter...
    - 29-ago-2017

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