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Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (ipc)

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  1. An Architectural Exploration in Coordination Driven Self-Assembly & Fluorescent Imidazolium Salts as Picric Acid Receptors

    Roy, Bijan
    Nature has always remained a constant source of inspiration for chemists for synthesizing natural products, mimicking enzymatic reactions or to construct molecular architectures resembling biological assemblies. With the rapid growth of ‘Supramolecular Chemistry’ along with the advancement of the synthetic methodologies, molecular systems with brand new complexities have been synthesized, alongside the efficacy of weak, reversible non-covalent interactions have also been extensively explored. A number of such forces including hydrogen bonding, solvophobic effect, dynamic covalent interactions and metal-ligand coordination have been exploited to assemble the molecular building blocks and stitch them together to construct discrete ‘self-assembled’ architectures integrated with desired...
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Influence of Ancillary Ligands in the Chemistry of Transition Metal σ-Complexes

    Bera, Barun
    This thesis work is based on an investigation of intermediates involved in various metal mediated catalytic reactions such as hydrogenation, hydroboration, functionalization of methane etc. An intermediate dictates the energetics of the catalytic cycle of these reactions. Therefore, it is important to study such types of intermediates in order to design a better catalyst. These intermediates are called σ-complexes in which a σ-bond is coordinated to the metal center at some stage of the reaction coordinate. These species are rarely stable at ambient conditions which create difficulties in exploring their chemistry. Our aim is to study the effect of ancillary...
    - 28-sep-2017

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