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  1. Partial Slip Contacts in Linear Viscoelasticity

    Dayalan, Satish Kumar
    This work analyzes partial slip contact problems in the theory of linear viscoelasticity using both the semi-analytical method and nite element method. Such problems arise in metal-polymer contacts in orthopedic implants and similar applications. The boundary conditions of such problems are inherently mixed and vary with time, thus restricting the use of classical correspondence principle, which have been the basic approach for most of the solved problems in viscoelasticity. In the present semi-analytical approach, the governing equations for the vis-coelastic partial-slip contact are formulated as a pair of coupled Singular Integral Equations (SIEs) for a pin-plate geometry using the viscoelastic...
    - 06-oct-2017

  2. Experimental Studies on The Mechanical Behaviour of Cohesive Frictional Granular Materials

    Kandasami, Ramesh Kannan
    Thss thesis presents the results of an experimental programme on the static mono-tonic response of cohesive-frictional granular materials. The purpose of this experimental programme was to gain insight into the mechanical behaviour of uncemented sands, and sands with small percentages of cementation. With this objective in sight, the research involved understanding and delineating the e ects of four variables: the intermediate principal stress, stress inclination, cohesion (or cementation), and particle morphology. The hollow cylinder torsion (HCT) apparatus, which allows control over both the magnitude and direction of principal stresses, was used in this study to carry out a series of...
    - 27-sep-2017

  3. Effect of Cyclic Strain Path And Vibration Cycles on Shear Modulus And Damping of Sand

    Cherian, Achu Catherine
    The soil strata is often subjected to various kinds of vibrations such as that caused by earthquakes, water waves, traffic loads, wind power plants, construction related equipments, pile driving and vibratory machines. The strains induced in a soil mass due to the vibrations generated by these different sources often lie in a range of 0.0001% - 0.1%. The estimation of the shear modulus (G) and damping (D) of soils in this strain range becomes an important aspect for performing the analysis and design of various geotechnical structures subjected to different kinds of vibrations. Strain amplitude, effective confining stress, void ratio/relative...
    - 24-sep-2017

  4. Regionalization Of Hydrometeorological Variables In India Using Cluster Analysis

    Bharath, R
    Regionalization of hydrometeorological variables such as rainfall and temperature is necessary for various applications related to water resources planning and management. Sampling variability and randomness associated with the variables, as well as non-availability and paucity of data pose a challenge in modelling the variables. This challenge can be addressed by using stochastic models that utilize information from hydrometeorologically similar locations for modelling the variables. A set of locations that are hydrometeorologically similar are referred to as homogeneous region or pooling group and the process of identifying a homogeneous region is referred to as regionalization. The thesis concerns development of new...
    - 29-ago-2017

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