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  1. Postoperative neonatal mortality prediction using superlearning

    Cooper, Jennifer N.; Minneci, Peter C.; Deans, Katherine J.

  2. Track Forest Biomass Dynamics and Carbon Flux using MultitemporalAirborne Lidar Remote Sensing

    Zhao, Kaiguang; Suárez, Juan C.; Hu, Tongxi; Liu, Dan; Garcia, Mariano

  3. miR-551b and SEMA3D as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Papillary Thyroid Cancer

    Zhang, Xiaoli; Jhiang, Sissy; Fernandez, Soledad; Coombes, Kevin

  4. Detecting Leadership in Peer-moderated Online Collaborative Learning:Text Mining and Social Network Analysis for Learning Analytics

    Xie, Kui; Di Tosto, Gennaro; Cho, Young Suk; Lu, Lin

  5. Estimation and Dynamics in Household Disease Models

    Woroszylo, Casper; Rempala, Grzegorz

  6. Modeling Long-Term Costs of Traumatic Lower-Limb Amputation in the Workplace

    Wanamaker, Andrea B.; Andridge, Rebecca R.; Chaudhari, Ajit M. W.

  7. Landmark-Constrained Elastic Shape Analysis of Planar Curves

    Strait, Justin; Kurtek, Sebastian; Bartha, Emily; MacEachern, Steven

  8. Outcomes of a College Degree: Where You Go, How You Go, and Who You Are

    Stanley, Leanne M.; Carpenter-Hubin, Julie

  9. DEMARCATE: Density-based MRI Clustering for Assessing Tumor Heterogeneity in Cancer

    Saha, A.; Banerjee, S.; Kurtek, S.; Narang, S.; Lee, J.; Rao, G.; Martinez, J.; Bharath, K.; Rao, A.; Baladandayuthapani, V.

  10. Visual Analytics: Computational AND Representational Data Processing to Support Analytic Rigor

    Rayo, Michael F.; Murphy, Taylor B.

  11. Data Analytics for Novel Evaporation Duct Height Inversion Technique

    Pozderac, Jonathan M.; Johnson, Joel T.; Yardim, Caglar

  12. Warmth and Competence: How Brand Perceptions Affect Consumer Behavior

    Posner, Sarah; McCaslin, Mike

  13. Effects of Bisphosphonate Therapy on Oral Microbiome

    Paropkari, Akshay D.; Thumbigere-Math, Vivek; Dabdoub, Shareef M.; Kumar, Purnima S.

  14. Predictive Analytics of Phosphoproteins in Breast Cancer Cells

    Opiyo, Stephen Obol

  15. Apache Spark on HPC clusters

    Oottikkal, Shameema; Baer, Troy; Johnson, Douglas

  16. Data-Driven Approaches for Drug Repurposing

    Deng, Siyuan; Regan, Kelly; Li, Fuhai

  17. Density Guided MD-Rosetta Protocol for Protein Structure Refinement

    Leelananda, Sumudu; Lindert, Steffen

  18. Data analytics for TDS-1 GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Using A "Full DDM" Retrieval Approach

    Park, Jeonghwan; Johnson, Joel T.; O'Brien, Andrew; Lowe, Stephen T.

  19. Reliability-Based Control Algorithms for Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems

    El-Khoury, Omar; Shafieezadeh, Abdollah

  20. Dual Transcriptome Analysis of Host-bacterial Interactions in Peri-implant Health and Disease

    Dabdoub, Shareef M.; Ganesan, Sukirth M.; Mariotti, Angelo J.; Ludden, Christopher W.; Kumar, Purnima S.

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