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Lean Sustainment Initiative

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  1. Sustainment Operations Team Final Report

    Harris, Wesley
    Improvement of Mission Capable Rate (MCR) depends on factors such as transportation & logistics, resource loading & scheduling, and Available Parts & materials (AP&M). As shown in Figure 1, AP&M is a function of forecasting accuracy, which in turn, depends on the software, data, and vendor reliability data. Thus, to improve MCR, it is necessary to develop a clear understanding of the process for determining parts & materials requirements. This clear understanding of how to determine right amount of AP&M also means LSI stakeholders will have better risk management, better inventory management, better contract negotiation relationship, more efficient use of...
    (196218 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  2. Sustainment Measures for Fighter Jet Engines

    Harris, Wesley; Lewis, Spencer
    The US Air Force (USAF) has evolved a policy for the acquisition of fighter jet engines (FJE). In the 1970s and 1980s that policy placed a premium on FJE performance primarily measured by the metric: thrust/engine weight. In the 1990s, the USAF policy changed from an emphasis on performance to reduced life-cycle cost with a premium on sustainment. This paper reports the results of a study of how the USAF and Corporation Alpha (Alpha) have adapted their processes, practices, and policies to design, develop, manufacture, test, and sustain a family of FJEs. Each member of the family of FJEs is sequentially linked relative to insertion of technology designed to reduce sustainment costs. In addition...
    (87170 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  3. Sustainment of Capital Assets

    Harris, Wesley
    Carribean Academy of Sciences Lean Sustainment Initiative
    (1714016 bytes; 1419264 bytes; application/pdf; application/ - 23-may-2013

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