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Ohio State Law Journal Furthermore: Volume 77 (2016)

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  1. A Fourth Amendment Framework for the Future: Applying the Mosaic Theory to Digital Communications

    Stevenson, Aaron

  2. Chevron Deference or the Rule of Lenity? Dual-Use Statutes and Judge Sutton's Lonely Lament

    Glen, Patrick J.; Stillman, Kate E.
    Commenting on Esquivel-Quintana v. Lynch, 810 F.3d 1019 (6th Cir. 2016).

  3. "Sticker Shock": Driving Around Chevron and the Rule of Lenity in Immigration Removal

    Becker, Bryan B.
    Commenting on Esquivel-Quintana v. Lynch, 810 F.3d 1019 (6th Cir. 2016).

  4. Death Row, Calls for Indifference, and Redemption of the Soul

    Lain, Corinna Barrett
    In response to Marah Stith McLeod, Does the Death Penalty Require Death Row? The Harm of Legislative Silence, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 525 (2016).

  5. Density: Science, Sensitivity, Specificity, and Screening

    Morreim, Haavi
    In response to Alena Allen, Dense Women, 76 Ohio St. L.J. 847 (2015).

  6. The Role of Support in Sexual Decision-Making for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Harris, Jasmine E.
    In response to Alexander Boni-Saenz, Sexuality and Incapacity, 76 Ohio St. L.J. 1201 (2015).

  7. Complexity Confronting State Judges and the Right to Vote

    Muller, Derek T.
    In response to Joshua A. Douglas, State Judges and the Right to Vote, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 1 (2016).

  8. When Is Law in Action?

    Sandefur, Rebecca L.
    In response to Pamela Foohey, When Faith Falls Short: Bankruptcy Decisions of Churches, 76 Ohio St. L.J. 1319 (2015).

  9. Decentralized, Disruptive, and On Demand: Opportunities for Local Government in the Sharing Economy

    Miller, Stephen R.
    In response to Daniel E. Rauch & David Schleicher, Like Uber, but for Local Government Law: The Future of Local Regulation of the Sharing Economy, 76 Ohio St. L.J. 901 (2015).

  10. The Sixth Circuit Forges a Path for Equal Protection Challenges to Ohio's Judicial Campaign Finance Regulations

    Wallace, Ben F. C.
    Commenting on O'Toole v. O'Connor, 802 F.3d 783 (6th Cir. 2015).

  11. Family Law and Entrepreneurial Action

    Smith, D. Gordon
    In response to Benjamin Means, The Contractual Foundation of Family-Business Law, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 675 (2014).

  12. Outsourcing the Jury: Bartlett v. DuPont and the Role of Alternative Adjudication in Preserving Jury "Fairness" in Complex Scientific Litigation

    Young, Elizabeth V.
    Commenting on Bartlett v. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., No. 2:13-CV-0170 (S.D. Ohio Oct. 8, 2015); In re E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. C-8 Personal Injury Litigation, No. 2:13-MD-2433 (S.D. Ohio filed Apr. 9, 2013).

  13. Abercrombie 2.0-Can We Get There From Here? Thoughts on "Suggestive Fair Use"

    Miller, Joseph Scott
    In response to Jake Linford, The False Dichotomy Between Suggestive and Descriptive Trademarks, 76 Ohio St. L.J. 1367 (2015).

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