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  1. Performance analysis and optimization of parallel Best-First Search algorithms on multicore and cluster of multicore

    Sanz, Victoria María
    The contribution of the thesis is the development of two parallel Best-First Search algorithms, one that is suitable for execution on shared-memory machines (multicore), and another one that is suitable for execution on distributed memory machines (cluster). The former is based on the adaptation of the HDA* (Hash Distributed A*) algorithm for multicore machines proposed by (Burns et al., 2010), while the latter is based on the HDA* (Hash Distributed A*) algorithm proposed by (Kishimoto, et al., 2013). The implemented algorithms incorporate parameters and/or techniques that improve their performance, with respect to the original algorithms proposed by the authors mentioned...

  2. Fault Tolerance in Multicore Clusters. Techniques to Balance Performance and Dependability

    Meyer, Hugo
    In High Performance Computing (HPC) the demand for more performance is satisfied by increasing the number of components. With the growing scale of HPC applications has came an increase in the number of interruptions as a consequence of hardware failures. The remarkable decrease of Mean Times Between Failures (MTBF) in current systems encourages the research of suitable Fault Tolerance (FT) solutions which makes it possible to guarantee the successful completion of parallel applications. By executing applications on HPC systems, we aim to improve the performance despite the failures that may affect systems. Our research focuses on analyzing and reducing the...

  3. Towards the Strategic Alignment of Corporate Services with IT, applying Strategic Alignment Model (SAM)

    Belalcázar, Alberto; Díaz, Francisco Javier
    In a context of increasingly demanding and eager users for the use of the technology, the areas of information and communications technology (ICT) acquire a leading role in the organizations due to the support and input that they provide. The constant and innovative growth of ICT generates in the organizations a difficult dynamic to align with their strategic objectives. This causes a gap among the strategy, the corporate objectives of the organization and the administration of IT services. In this article, a conceptual framework is proposed from a heuristic point of view concerning to the alignment of business processes with...

  4. Physics teaching with simulations in HTML5

    Aveleyra, Ema Elena; Racero, Diego; Vega, Andrea
    One of the functions of the Center of Distance Education of the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires is the design of educational materials using various technologies, so as to facilitate the teaching and learning of science. In this context, a proposal of basic physics simulations design is presented. Previously, simulations were developed in other languages such as Java and Flash. The objective of the initial search was oriented to find open source simulations that can be easily customized or authoring tools such as GeoGebra or EJS. It is intended to avoid implementations from scratch since it is...

  5. Using BAM and CEP for Process Monitoring in Cloud BPM

    Martínez Garro, José Nicolás; Bazán, Patricia; Díaz, Francisco Javier
    BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and CEP (Complex Event Processing) have been deeply studied in traditional BPM, according to the procurement of relevant results about process execution, especially for improvement and monitoring purposes. Once BPM was introduced in the cloud and it was necessary to decompose processes in order to execute them in hybrid environments, the conception of monitoring has suffered several changes. In previous works we have designed an architecture for process execution and monitoring which considers several services in order to gather and show the recollected information as relevant results. A new approach over this architecture takes place in...

  6. Policy Monitoring on Accessible Technology for Inclusive Education – Research Findings and Requirements for a Software Tool

    Estévez, Elsa Clara; Janowski, Tomasz; Lopes, Nuno V.
    Statistics about disabled people usually do not receive as much attention as statistics highlighting other socio-economic problems. However, such statistics is important due to its actual weight. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15% of the world population, meaning one billion people, live with disabilities, and 80% of them live in developing countries. UNESCO claims that 90% of the children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend schools. Thus, it is of upmost relevance to raise awareness and strengthen public policies for the use of Assistive Technology (AT) to ensure Inclusive Education and Access to Information for people with...

  7. Software Product Line Reengineering: A Case Study on the Geographic Domain

    Buccella, Agustina; Cechich, Alejandra; Pol'la, Matías; Arias, Maximiliano
    The growing adoption of software product lines (SPL) represents perhaps a paradigm shift in software development aiming at improving cost, quality, time to market, and developer productivity. While the underlying concepts are straightforward enough building a family of related products or systems by planned and careful reuse of a base of generalized software development assets the problems can be in the details, as successful product line practice involves domain understanding, technology selection, and so forth. Today, there is an important increment on reporting experiences and lessons about SPL development by capturing aspects that have been gathered during daily practice. Following this...

  8. Improving Real Time Search Performance using Inverted Index Entries Invalidation Strategies

    Ríssola, Esteban A.; Tolosa, Gabriel Hernán
    The impressive rise of user-generated content on the web in the hands of sites like Twitter imposes new challenges to search systems. The concept of real-time search emerges, increasing the role that efficient indexing and retrieval algorithms play in this scenario. Thousands of new updates need to be processed in the very moment they are generated and users expect content to be “searchable” within seconds. This lead to the develop of efficient data structures and algorithms that may face this challenge efficiently. In this work, we introduce the concept of index entry invalidator, a strategy responsible for keeping track of the...

  9. Handshape recognition for Argentinian Sign Language using ProbSom

    Ronchetti, Franco; Quiroga, Facundo; Estrebou, César Armando; Lanzarini, Laura Cristina
    Automatic sign language recognition is an important topic within the areas of human-computer interaction and machine learning. On the one hand, it poses a complex challenge that requires the intervention of various knowledge areas, such as video processing, image processing, intelligent systems and linguistics. On the other hand, robust recognition of sign language could assist in the translation process and the integration of hearingimpaired people. This paper offers two main contributions: first, the creation of a database of handshapes for the Argentinian Sign Language (LSA), which is a topic that has barely been discussed so far. Secondly, a technique for image...

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    De Giusti, Armando Eduardo
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