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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit

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  1. NOS2 Variants Reveal a Dual Genetic Control of Nitric Oxide Levels, Susceptibility to Plasmodium Infection, and Cerebral Malaria

    Trovoada, M. d. J.; Martins, M.; Ben Mansour, R.; Sambo, M. d. R.; Fernandes, A. B.; Antunes Goncalves, L.; Borja, A.; Moya, R.; Almeida, P.; Costa, J.; Marques, I.; Macedo, M. P.; Coutinho, A.; Narum, D. L.; Penha-Goncalves, C.
    This deposit is composed by the main article plus the supplementary materials of the publication.
    - 28-ago-2017

  2. RAG Recombinase as a Selective Pressure for Genome Evolution

    Passagem-Santos, D.; Bonnet, M.; Sobral, D.; Trancoso, I.; Silva, J.G.; Barreto, V.M.; Athanasiadis, A.; Demengeot, J.; Pereira-Leal, J.B.
    The RAG recombinase is a domesticated transposable element co-opted in jawed vertebrates to drive the process of the so-called V(D)J recombination, which is the hallmark of the adaptive immune system to produce antigen receptors. RAG targets, namely, the Recombination Signal Sequences (RSS), are rather long and degenerated sequences, which highlights the ability of the recombinase to interact with a wide range of target sequences, including outside of antigen receptor loci. The recognition of such cryptic targets by the recombinase threatens genome integrity by promoting aberrant DNA recombination, as observed in lymphoid malignancies. Genomes evolution resulting from RAG acquisition is an...
    - 15-ene-2017

  3. Ensembl regulation resources

    Zerbino, Daniel R.; Johnson, Nathan; Juetteman, Thomas; Sheppard, Dan; Wilder, Steven P.; Lavidas, Ilias; Nuhn, Michael; Perry, Emily; Raffaillac-Desfosses, Quentin; Sobral, Daniel; Keefe, Damian; Gräf, Stefan; Ahmed, Ikhlak; Kinsella, Rhoda; Pritchard, Bethan; Brent, Simon; Amode, Ridwan; Parker, Anne; Trevanion, Steven; Birney, Ewan; Dunham, Ian; Flicek, Paul
    New experimental techniques in epigenomics allow researchers to assay a diversity of highly dynamic features such as histone marks, DNA modifications or chromatin structure. The study of their fluctuations should provide insights into gene expression regulation, cell differentiation and disease. The Ensembl project collects and maintains the Ensembl regulation data resources on epigenetic marks, transcription factor binding and DNA methylation for human and mouse, as well as microarray probe mappings and annotations for a variety of chordate genomes. From this data, we produce a functional annotation of the regulatory elements along the human and mouse genomes with plans to expand...
    - 29-abr-2016

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