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Network modelling

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  1. Meeting report from the fourth meeting of the Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE)

    Waltemath, Dagmar; Bergmann, Frank T.; Chaouiya, Claudine; Czauderna, Tobias; Gleeson, Padraig; Goble, Carole; Golebiewski, Martin; Hucka, Michael; Juty, Nick; Krebs, Olga; Le Novère, Nicolas; Mi, Huaiyu; Moraru, Ion I.; Myers, Chris J.; Nickerson, David; Olivier, Brett G.; Rodriguez, Nicolas; Schreiber, Falk; Smith, Lucian; Zhang, Fengkai; Bonnet, Eric
    This report summarizes the topics and activities of the fourth edition of the annual COMBINE meeting, held in Paris during September 16-20 2013,
    - 26-nov-2016

  2. Logical Modeling and Dynamical Analysis of Cellular Networks

    Abou-Jaoudé, Wassim; Traynard, Pauline; Monteiro, Pedro T.; Saez-Rodriguez, Julio; Helikar, Tomáš; Thieffry, Denis; Chaouiya, Claudine
    The logical (or logic) formalism is increasingly used to model regulatory and signaling networks. Complementing these applications, several groups contributed various methods and tools to support the definition and analysis of logical models. After an introduction to the logical modeling framework and to several of its variants, we review here a number of recent methodological advances to ease the analysis of large and intricate networks. In particular, we survey approaches to determine model attractors and their reachability properties, to assess the dynamical impact of variations of external signals, and to consistently reduce large models. To illustrate these developments, we further...
    - 22-jun-2016

  3. Primary sex determination of placental mammals: a modelling study uncovers dynamical developmental constraints in the formation of Sertoli and granulosa cells

    Sánchez, Lucas; Chaouiya, Claudine
    Primary sex determination in placental mammals is a very well studied developmental process. Here, we aim to investigate the currently established scenario and to assess its adequacy to fully recover the observed phenotypes, in the wild type and perturbed situations. Computational modelling allows clarifying network dynamics, elucidating crucial temporal constrains as well as interplay between core regulatory modules.
    - 10-jun-2016

  4. Diversity and plasticity of Th cell types predicted from regulatory network modelling

    Naldi, Aurélien; Carneiro, Jorge; Chaouiya, Claudine; Thieffry, Denis
    Alternative cell differentiation pathways are believed to arise from the concerted action of signalling pathways and transcriptional regulatory networks. However, the prediction of mammalian cell differentiation from the knowledge of the presence of specific signals and transcriptional factors is still a daunting challenge. In this respect, the vertebrate hematopoietic system, with its many branching differentiation pathways and cell types, is a compelling case study. In this paper, we propose an integrated, comprehensive model of the regulatory network and signalling pathways controlling Th cell differentiation. As most available data are qualitative, we rely on a logical formalism to perform extensive dynamical...
    - 07-may-2016

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