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  1. Privacy through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU

    Cevenini, Claudia; Denti, Enrico; Omicini, Andrea; Cerno, Italo
    Large-scale socio-technical systems (STS) inextricably interconnect individual – e.g., the right to privacy –, social – e.g., the effectiveness of organisational processes –, and technology issues —e.g., the software engineering process. As a result, the design of the complex software infrastructure involves also non-technological aspects such as the legal ones—so that, e.g., law-abidingness can be ensured since the early stages of the software engineering process. By focussing on contact centres (CC) as relevant examples of knowledge-intensive STS, we elaborate on the articulate aspects of anonymisation: there, individual and organisational needs clash, so that only an accurate balancing between legal and technical...
    (text) - 12-abr-2018

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