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  1. Evaluación del consumo energético en la Edar Camp de Túria I. Estudio de alternativas para la mejora del proceso.

    Wastewater treatment has an important role in water reuse and in environmental protection. In Spain, it was not until the 20th century when it started to grow a certain raising awareness in urban and industrial wastewater treatment. Although, the big step forward came with the addition of Spain to the European Economic Community (EEC). The European Directive 91/271 marked the start of the first spillage limits adding the definition of sensible spillage zones. In this way, a limitation by nutrients concentration was included for this sensible zones. A lot of wastewater treatment plants, which are already built, have seen how...

  2. Efectividad de las transformaciones léxicas y sintácticas en los sistemas de memoria de traducción: memoq

    The present work is framed within the studies of translation, specifically, as far as the computer assisted translation (TAO) is concerned. Within this field, our study is focused on the translation memories (MT), whose current exponents are Mitkov (2005) and Orasan (2015), both belonging to the Research Group on Computational Linguistics (RGCL) of the University of Wolverhampton. The main objective to carry out this work is based on the need to verify if the TMs are sufficiently functional to detect changes produced at the semantic and syntactic level and to really help the translator or if, on the contrary, to new...

  3. Patrones de movilidad y residencia en el contexto de la despoblación rural; un estudio de caso en el interior de Castellón.

    [EN] The present work intends to approach the depopulation that three towns of the inland of Castellón suffer. To this end, the work aims to identify the different patterns of residence and mobility that take place in these municipalities, as well as the explanatory elements and the interrelations between them. The work combines the exploitation of official statistics on demography and the conduct of in-depth interviews.

  4. Validación mediante ADAMS/Rail de un modelo de comportamiento dinámico integral de un vehículo ferroviario: esfuerzos de guiado en curva

    [EN] This End-of-Master’s project focuses on the validation of a railway dynamics calculation tool which will be referred hereafter as Proposed Model CIIM (Mechanical Engineering Research Centre) and developed by an research groupt. To that purpose, various simulations of the vehicle’s circulation in curves will be carried out, taking into consideration different speeds, camber curves and radious of curvature. To that end, there will be some explanations on certain theoretical antecedents that will help us to a better and global understanding. Some of the dynamic problems in terms of vehicle-railway intercation will be tackled, giving an overall view of the main...

  5. Diseño del sistema de recogida, tratamiento y eliminación de residuos sólidos para poblaciones de la zona alta del cantón Ambato, república del Ecuador

    The present tfm consist on a field research about solid waste produce on the high hills of Ambato city in Ecuador, the high hills are composed of three small towns called Santa Rosa, Juan Benigno Vela and Pilahuin. The objective raises the selection of a solid waste management model for optimal management in the technical, administrative and financial aspects. As a previous task a characterization of solid waste was made in the zone. With the obtained results a series alternatives of management are proposed in the fields of collection, transport, treatment and final disposition. The study will include the different alternatives of...

  6. Estudio de la posible actividad supresora del silenciamiento de la proteína 2b en ilarvirus del subgrupo 2

    Plant viruses are obligate intracellular parasites that require living host cells to complete their life cycle. Plants present several defense mechanisms, including posttranscriptional gene silencing (PTGS). In response, viruses have developed several strategies in which they use own suppressor proteins of the silencing. These proteins inhibit host antiviral response by interacting with key silencing machinery factors involved in viral RNA recognition, dsRNA processing, RISC complex assembly, and signal amplification. There are some identified viruses encoding in their genome several proteins with suppressor silencing activity therefore each one can affect different stages of the path. In subgroup 2 of the Ilarvirus,...

  7. "Saber hacer en la ganadería y en la producción láctea-cárnica. Estudio de iniciativas ecológicas y convencionales en la Comunidad Valenciana,

    The present report has consisted of the study of five livestock farms of dairy-meat production of the Valencian Community, which has made understand and deepen the knowledge or know-how of each farm. Through the use of qualitative techniques an approach was taken towards certain key elements and guidelines to be taken into account in milk-meat production; as well as to detect certain weaknesses typical of each farm, and threats that they experience and experienced throughout their trajectory, taking into account at all times that some are governed under the ecological model and others under the conventional model of livestock.

  8. El sector lácteo español tras la eliminación de las cuotas a la producción

    The dairy sector is a strategic sector in the Spanish agri-food scope, as much for its economic relevance as for its contribution to the development and the fixation of the rural population. Dairy farming has an important role in terms of land use, rural employment and the economic, environmental and social development of many European agricultural regions. However, after the end of the milk quota system in Spain the sector is immersed in a crisis that is testing the livestock farms. There are already many that have closed when they become unsustainable and this has only just begun. And despite the...

  9. Gestión del consumo energético en el desarrollo de aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles

    Personal mobile devices like smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, etc., are just small computers with a computing performance which is similar to last-decade desktop computers. In sharp contrast, though, mobile devices depend on a battery which is often exhausted after few hours. For this reason, controlling the energy consumption of the physical components of mobile devices is more and more important to optimize its performance. Such a control also concerns the software executed in those devices, as it controls the access to the electronic and electromechanic components. In this master thesis we investigate the problem of power consumption management in software applications...

  10. Dossier del Vitivinicultor Valenciano. Plan de Acción Frente al Cambio Climático, Sostenibilidad Ambiental & Resiliencia Económica.

    Its clear that the future of wine is inexorably connected with the vitality of the soil and the health of humans. The viticulturists and winemakers must understand the urgent condition of the planet and the role they play, although small but meaningful, to improve health - both human and the natural environment. They must seek, as such, in an responsable way, to mitigate the effects of climate change, adapt, and continue producing wines that reflect the terroir of Valencia. Its not an easy task, complicated times lie ahead. The future of the wine sector depends on an effective and efficient action plan. The reality, although tragic,...

  11. Inferencia de la curiosidad mediante el uso de datos de perfil de Facebook

    In the recent years, the use of internet and social networks has become almost indispensable in our society. Despite the general thinking, studies have shown that the profile in social networks shows a great extent of the actual personality of the individual. That said, it would be valuable to extract some knowledge from such amount of data and use it to enhance the performance of intelligent personalization tools such as recommendation of products and services or other types of marketing. Seizing the great amount of data available under the project called myPersonality, which makes available both Facebook profiles and responses...

  12. Segmentación del consumo de frutas frescas en base al instrumento Food-Related Lifestyle (FRL) en España.

    Lopez Navarro, Rocio
    .The aim of this study is to know the fresh fruit consumer behavior. A Food lifestyles segmentation based in Food-Related Lifestyle framework through cluster analysis has been performed. Four segments have been obtained: "Total detachment", 4 %, "Lack of time for cooking, concerned about nutrition and extra-domestic consumer", 26,4 %, "Chefs and preference for natural products", the biggest with a 40,2 % of total population and, "Carefree" with 29,4%. All of them differed from each other with respect to food lifestyles and the fruit fresh consumption and their purchase criteria. The information collected has been useful to make recommendations to the fresh...

  13. Análisis de las transformaciones recientes de una comarca rural: El caso de Gúdar-Javalambre en la provincia de Teruel.

    Ever since the 1960s - 1970s, rural areas in Spain have experienced a massive rural exodus, leading to the depopulation of the central lart of the country. Gúdar - Javalambre district is a rural region in Teruel province, in the South of Aragón. The aim of this article is to explain the situation as it is nowadays and to provide a scoop on the evolution in this matter. To do so, a series of demographic and economic markers will be analyzed and compared to the ones from the rest of the province as a whole. Thus, the distinguishing features of...

  14. Aplicación de modelos de clasificación a datos inciertos.

    In the field of learning models from data, the quality of models depends to a large extent on the quality of the training data. That is the reason why the preparation and cleaning of data is one of the stages of the knowledge extraction process in which more time is investing. In fact, the most common scenario in the model training phase is that models be created under almost "perfect" conditions (and using "perfect" training data). However, the situation is often quite different during the model deployment phase, since, in the "real world", data usually contain noise, there may are...

  15. Valoración económica de los servicios ecosistémicos proporcionados por un ecosistema costero-marítimo aplicando la metodología Amuvan: caso implementación costa de la Safor. Comunidad valenciana

    Marine ecosystems provide a varied flow of essential services for human well-being. The value given to these ecosystems only reflects the value of goods and services that pass through the market, and does not consider the benefits generated by other services for which there is no market. For this reason, it is important to know the economic value that society gives to the ecosystem services. The objective of the study is to determine the economic value of a coastal-marine ecosystem taking as reference of La Safor coast in the Valencian Community as a case study. The area studied has 75km of...

  16. Análisis de la fiabilidad de un sistema de telecontrol frente a fallos accidentales o provocados. Aplicación al sistema de abastecimiento de C-Town

    Understanding, analyzing and improving processes related to urban supplies has become one of the main objectives of most countries worldwide. One of the main interests of these is the good use of the resource that is increasingly scarce, as well as protection of infrastructure and good control of subscribers' consumption. The use of telemetry and remote control of the networks facilitates the operation of the same, giving effective responses to changes in operating circumstances. Today, and especially as a result of the resurgence of certain terrorist groups of a global character, the concern for security against attacks has grown. One of...

  17. Búsqueda de fuentes de resistencia a patógenos en Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme y en Solanum pimpinellifolium

    In this has been screened aginst one isolate of Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) that don¿t overcome the resistance gene Sw5, an isolate of race 0 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici and against the isolate 1001.1ª of the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae a set of 4 accessions of Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme, 4 entrances of Solanum pimpinellifolium, 4 hybrids between the 8 entrances (2 to 2) and controls susceptible to the 3 pathogens of the cultivated species Solanum lycopersicum. The 8 wild accessions of Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme and Solanum pimpinellifolium were chosen because they presented very different characteristics in...

  18. Estudios sobre la imbibición de agua por parte de las semillas de alcaparra

    Caper seeds (Capparis spinosa L.) have a low percentage of germination, which in the scientific literature has been related to a hypothetical physical latency of the seeds, due to the existence of hard covers, since it has been overcome with different scarification treatments. In the last studies carried out by the research team in which this Final Master's Thesis is included, this assertion is doubted, so it is considered opportune to verify the impermeability of caper seeds. The herein presented experiments will follow the regulations established by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) for the determination of seed imbibition and...

  19. Validación mediante ADAMS/Rail de un modelo de comportamiento dinámico integral de un vehículo ferroviario: análisis de estabilidad.

    [EN] This End-of-Master’s project aims at the validation of a Model Program proposed by the Mechanical Engineering Research Centre (CIIM using a commercial program as a sample, Adam’s Rail, . This computational tool analyzes the dynamical behaviour of a railway vehicle both at high and low frequencies. In order to contrast the two subject matter programs, it is essential to know their functioning in detail and also to have vast kwoledge of general railway dynamics. The Proposed Model Progam (CIIM) is a higly valuable tool for the study for the railway-vehicle interaction, as it considers the whole range of frequencies. For...

  20. Desarrollo de un agente interfaz basado en argumentación

    El trabajo consiste en el desarrollo de una aplicación para dar soporte a personas mayores. Esta aplicación podrá funcionar a modo de agente interfaz que sea capaz de soportar juegos de diálogo argumentativos con los usuarios. Dado el público al que va destinada la aplicación el diseño de la interfaz es verdaderamente importante, siempre recordando que debe poder ser compatible con el sistema argumentador inteligente. La aplicación introducirá también el uso de la realidad aumentada para comprobar la aceptación que tiene entre las personas mayores.

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