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RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. Posible papel de los exosomas en los efectos del alcohol en el cerebro adolescente

    Binge drinking represents a social and health problem in our society, this practice is well rooted among our young people, who are at a stage especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of the intake in large quantities of alcohol. Previous studies have shown that ethanol induces neuroinflammation. In this study we intend to evaluate the role of exosomes (extracellular microvesicles of 50-100 nm in size, which carry proteins, RNA, miRNA and lipids) in this proinflammatory environment. To this end, exosomes will be purified and studied from wild and TLR4 gene-deficient mice, as well as primary bark astrocyte cultures from both...

  2. Evaluación por medio de técnicas no destructivas del daño producido por ataque externo de sulfatos en mortero de cemento Portland

    Materials based on portland cement can be attacked by external environments rich in sulphates (selenite waters, marine waters), generating a process of expansion by formation of etringición and gypsum. Expansion determination can be carried out by simple means, however, the use of non-destructive techniques could enable such determination more quickly, accurately and universally. Such non-destructive techniques become more sensitive and allow the evolution of expansion from initial data expansion. The most appropriate techniques are those based on acoustic resonance spectroscopy by impact and those based on ultrasounds. It is intended to analyze the changes in mortar structure by means of non-destructive...

  3. Despliegue de Infraestructuras Grid en la Nube

    [EN] A Grid is composed by a set of computational and data resources located in different administrative domain that are managed under the framework of a Virtual Organization (VO) and aim to resolve scientific problems. There are specific VOs both national (VO and international (Gilda testbed that provide specific Grid infrastructures for educational purposes. However, these VOs have limited interest for educational activities since they can only be used from the Grid user point of view and not as administrators of the resources and services. This is because they use preallocated resources and it is impossible add or remove resources in the existing infrastructure in a dynamic and...

  4. Observaciones sobre diversos aspectos de la biología de Delottococcus aberiae De Lotto (Hemiptera:Pseudoccocidae)

    Benito Sáez, Marco Manuel
    Delottococcus aberiae De Lotto (Hemiptera:Pseudoccocidae) is a recently citrus pest in Spain. It was appeared in 2009 in Les Valls. This pest produced several damages on oranges and mandarins fruit. During all these years the insect has been scattered; being currently present in different region as Camp de Morvedre and Plana Baixa (in persimmon crops too). Even all the efforts that were made during these years there is still a great unknowledge of some important aspects of the pseudococcid, as morphological, biological as and ecological level. It makes necessary to deepen in these aspects in order to can improve the...

  5. Influencia de la comunidad fitoplanctónica en un experimento de acuicultura mediante sistema de bioflóculos

    In this Final Master Project we are going to control the water quality in a high density aquaculture experiment. This experiment consists on a bioflocs system that allow us to increase the productivity and to reduce the environmental impacts of aquaculture. That is possible because we are working with a closed system without water renovation, in this system water quality parameters must be controlled. Among the monitorized parameters we measure the folllowing: pH, conductivity, dissolved oxigen, amonnia, nitrite, nitrate and reactive soluble phosphorus. In addition, we are going to analyze the photosynthetic pigments with High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to...

  6. Modelos de planificación de la producción multinivel con lotes

    [EN] This MSc. thesis deals with Mixed Integer Linear programming models applied to capacitated multiple item multiple level lot sizing production planning problem. The goal of these models is decide the Master Production Schedule of several items over a planning horizon, minimising the total cost, as much production as holding. Methodological proposal is started with easy models and the complexity is increased until the lot sizing constraint is taken into account, as much for end product as for its components, due to nowadays some companies have to deal with this problem. Mathematical models are presented together with its solution using the Excel Solver and its GAMS formulation to, afterwards,...

  7. Proyecto de dinamización cultural en el barrio de Barrios Altos . Lima Perú.

    [EN] This project aims to value the Barrios Altos neighborhood through the appreciation of its history and culture through the promotion of multiple binding cultural activities between the community, government and various cultural agents.

  8. Análisis de las debilidades estructurales de la agricultura valenciana y sus posibles soluciones mediante la aplicación de las medidas incluidas en el Programa de Desarrollo Rural de la Comunitat Valenciana.

    [EN] Valencian agriculture is characterized by several structural weaknesses that hinder its growth. The first consequence of these weakness is a continuous loss of profitability in the farms, becoming a progressive abandonment of the same ones. This situation causes the Comunitat Valenciana has a need to promote policies that can contribute to solving these weaknesses and allow to reinforce the competitiveness of the sector and lay the foundations of a sustainable growth economically and environmentally. Thus, the Rural Development Program (PDR) aims to execute the programming of the activities that the Generalitat Valenciana proposes to all the areas of the rural development. The present work aims to enumerate the...

  9. Vocabulario transversal básico para la formación en competencias informáticas e informacionales Español - Catalán - Inglés

    [EN] Cross-linguistic basic vocabulary for students entering university. Obtained by automatic and manual extraction from a textual corpus representative of the field and of the communicative situations of potential users. Systematic, with entries in Spanish, and with Catalan and English equivalences. Software used: AntConc3.2.4w and GesTerm. (

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