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  1. Efecto de las hormonas vegetales en la formación de los óvulos de tomate y sus interacciones

    [EN] In this paper we want to see the role of auxin (AUXs), bras sino steroids (BRs) and gibberellins (GAs) hormones in th e development of the tomato ovule ( Solanum lyc opersicum L. ). For this purpose, mutant lines with alterations in the synthesis or signaling of these hormones were used in the genetic background of the tomato cultivar Micro - Tom (MT). The effect of these mutations on the structure and morphology of ovule during their development prior to flower anthesis , was studied by confocal microscopy. In addition, auxin localization studies were carried out using reporter line (DR5: GUS ) and gibberellins localization by the reporter line ( p GA20ox1: GUS ) . The results co nfirm that the bras s inosteroids regulate positively the...

  2. Algoritmos para la generación de datos subrogados: análisis, implementación y paralelización

    Belda Valls, Jordi
    [EN] Abstract Surrogate methods are very useful in nonlinearities detection application and supervised detection or classification where there aren’t available sufficient data. In both cases it’s needed optimize runtime methods so, in the case of detecting nonli- nearities can be performed virtually in real time and in the case of generating data they can be large. The present work analyzes the major algorithms and design an implementation op- timized of the different versions of them.

  3. Adversarial Learning with Ladder Networks

    [EN] In this MT we are going to asses the inclusion of adversarial generative models into the Ladder semi-supervised networks. The implementation and experiments are carried out with Theano. Therefore the adversarial generative model has to be included in the derivation graph.

  4. Estudio del comportamiento a cortante de las vigas continuas pretensadas. Diseño de un ensayo para estudiar los efectos de la redundancia y de las rótulas plásticas

    Monserrat López, Andrea
    [ES] El TFM Estudio del comportamiento a cortante de las vigas continuas pretensadas. Diseño y metodología del ensayo adecuado. se enmarca dentro del desarrollo de la tesis doctoral Evaluación experimental de la influencia de regiones D en el comportamiento a cortante de las vigas continuas pretensadas. , respaldada por el proyecto (con financiación externa BIA2015-64672-C4-4-R) Evaluación experimental de vigas continuas pretensadas, con y sin refuerzo, y piezas compuestas de dos hormigones, para la extensión de su vida útil. . El objetivo general de los trabajos asociados al proyecto es contribuir al conocimiento del comportamiento y la resistencia a cortante de...

  5. Implementación de una aplicación que ayude a la interpretación nutricional de alimentos reales utilizando Realidad Aumentada

    [EN] In this TFM an educational application using Vuforia and Unity will be developed. Vuforia is a tool for the development of Augmented Reality applications on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Unity is a multiplatform game engine. There is a plugin of Vuforia for its use in Unity. Among the features of Vuforia, there is the recognition of real object such as the shape of a box, cans or bottles. This opens the possibility that such functionality can be used for the recognition of certain foods that are packaged in such containers. In this TFM will be developed an educational...

  6. Documentación y registro del material arqueológico en 3D: mapa de daños.

    [EN] The current advance of new technologies, besides the rise of communication systems in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, as well as in archaeology, has led to a renovation process in all its fields, both practical and theoretical. Through this MA-project it has been expected to approach to that situation. Taking on the more technical aspects of searching methods, by using laser scanning, photogrammetry and free-modelling software, and completing this information with three-dimensional modelling, and the creation of a 3d damage map from an archaeological fragment. To conclude it was reflected the scope and limitations of 3d damage mapping by...

  7. Análisis experimental del comportamiento de válvulas hidráulicas reductoras de presión en conexión proporcional

    García Todolí, Salvador
    [EN] This work explores the relationship between the input pressures and outlet valve when the hydraulic valve is connected in mode proportional reduction downstream camera. Before to testing the hydraulic valves with accessories are characterized curves obtained flow coefficient (Kv) of each device tested. The tests were raised for different inlet pressures, flow rates varying operating, measuring differences in pressure for each flow. In the assays degrees of opening of each valve and the reduction ratio for each tested flow and pressure tested for each entry they are obtained.

  8. Interacción mediante gestos con Leap Motion

    [EN] The interaction using gestures or gesture interaction allows interaction with applications through user s gestures. Since the appearance of Kinect numerous applications have been developed incorporating such interaction. Kinect 2 allows simultaneous detection of up to 6 people, with 25 points on the body, and the detection of the user's hands. Kinect is designed for tracking people and detection of the position of the limbs as a whole, but Kinect is not able to accurately identify the fingers of one hand. Leap Motion, which appeared later, is a specific device for accurate detection of hands and finger movements. Therefore,...

  9. Papel defensivo de los compuestos volátiles de hoja verde en plantas de tomate frente a una infección bacteriana

    En respuesta a las señales de estrés, las plantas sintetizan proteínas de defensa y compuestos químicos de diversa naturaleza. Estos compuestos pueden ejercer funciones defensivas directas, esto es, actuando como antioxidantes, antibacterianos o antifúngicos, o actuar como metabolitos defensivos indirectos, señalizando la respuesta defensiva. Algunos compuestos volátiles (VOCs) pertenecen a este grupo de compuestos defensivos (Niinemets et al., 2013). En el laboratorio donde realizaré mi TFM, se llevó a cabo un análisis metabolómico mediante GC-MS de la interacción tomate Rio Grande portador del gen Pto y la bacteria Pseudomonas syringae portadora o no del gen AvrPto. La infección de dichas plantas...

  10. Aprendizaje por refuerzo mediante métodos de búsqueda de política en sistemas electromecánicos

    Pastor Alcaraz, José Manuel
    [EN] The aim of this master thesis is to study the state of art of reinforment learning, particularly those based on policy search methods and to apply such techniques to a 3DOFs inverted pendulum mechanism. The controller must learn an "optimal control" policy that maximizes the reward (as a cost function) without using any model. The controller will learn on-policy or off-policy a closed loop feedback control law to set the pendulum on its marginally stable vertical position. This work is oriented to students who want to extend further work on his/her PhD. thesis in complex robot systems.

  11. Evaluacion de metodos de cribado para la deteccion de antibioticos en lactosuero

    [EN] Summary The presence of antibiotic residues in milk from animals treated with veterinary drugs therapeutically or prophyl actically, can have serious consequences for the consumer by the appearance of allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, resistance to antibiotics among other public health problems, as well as the dairy industry especially in manufacturing products such as y ogurt and cheese because they can interfere necessary to develop such products fermentations. The industrial processing of milk does not ensure the elimination of drug residues so that they can reach consumers through dairy products. For making cheese depe nding on the nature of this antibiotic may be retained mainly...

  12. Selección de gremios y modelado de idoneidad del hábitat para la comunidad de peces en el alto Cabriel

    Suárez Almiñana, Sara
    This study is focussed on two sections of Cabriel River, corresponding to Boniches and El Cañizar, both municipalities situated in the province of Cuenca. In this two river sections, the determination of fish species and the number of individuals was done by diving counts in each mesohabitat. All these species are endemic except the gudgeon, an invasive specie that could affect other species populations. The main interest of the study is focused on jucar nase because it is an endangered specie whose habits and habitat requirements are not well known. The species are divided in large and small sizes, with the exception...

  13. Evolución del material didáctico utilizado en las enseñanzas profesionales de fagot en los conservatorios de la comunidad Valenciana

    [ES] Desde mis inicios como estudiante de fagot hace casi veinte años hasta mi reciente labor como docente en diversos conservatorios profesionales tanto fuera como dentro de la Comunidad Valenciana, he ido comprobando que el material bibliográfico utilizado para llevar a cabo la labor docente en la asignatura de fagot, apenas si ha sufrido variación alguna a lo largo de todos estos años. Esta situación de inmovilismo choca con los numerosos cambios que ha sufrido la legislación en cuanto a las enseñanzas artístico musicales se refiere. Seguimos enseñando con materiales que tienen, en algunos casos, cerca de cien años de antigüedad. Sería...

  14. Aureola musical de un Santo: Francisco de Borja, antecedentes y consecuentes

    [ES] En la presente investigación lo que se pretende estudiar son las influencias musicales provenientes de su familia (destacando la figura de los dos papas Borja y, directamente, la de su padre: Juan de Borja Enríquez de Luna) y de su ámbito religioso (música en la Compañía de Jesús, en la cual ingresó en 1549 tras renunciar a la dignidad de Duque) sobre la figura del IV Duque de Gandía. San Francisco de Borja fue canonizado por Clemente X en 1671. Sin duda alguna, nos fijaremos en los escritos de Escrivá Llorca, Garín Llovart y Gómez Muntané para centrarnos en...

  15. Gestión Eficiente de Arquitecturas Basadas en Microservicios

    La evolución de las arquitecturas orientadas a servicios (SOA) junto con el auge en la tecnología de contenedores ha puesto de relevancia las arquitecturas basadas en microservicios como un patrón de diseño de aplicaciones. En ellas, diferentes funcionalidades se encapsulan como diferentes servicios desplegados en contenedores que pueden ser automáticamente gestionados y actualizados para evitar trabajar sobre una aplicación monolítica, facilitando el proceso de integración y entrega continua de aplicaciones (CI/CD). Existen numerosas herramientas que pueden ser de utilidad para gestionar un despliegue basado en microservicios. Este es el caso de VAMP, Rancher, MANTL, Fabric8 o plataformas de gestión de...

  16. Estrategias de pastoreo para mejorar la sostenibilidad del ovino lechero

    [EN] Changes in land use and reducing grazing practices in recent years have highlighted problems of sustainability of some livestock systems, with environmental implications. In order to find alternatives to this situation, the LIFE REGEN FARMING project (LIFE12 ENV / ES / 000232), in which this work of master is encompassed, promote the viability of regenerative practices, including the "rotational" grazing or "targeted" due to both its technical-economic and environmental effectiveness. Rotational grazing or directed (D) has advantages such as: increasing forage production and provide better quality forage, allow recovery of plants and control supply, and avoid selecting animals. This more...

  17. Estudio experimental de la adherencia de armaduras pasivas de acero en hormigones reforzados con fibras

    [EN] Reinforced concrete, as a composite material, requires the transmission of stress from one material to another, this is achieved through bond. Satisfactory performance of the bonding behavior is the most important objective in of reinforced concrete components, as this interface can be presented as the weak point of a concrete member, so that if a bond failure occurs, the structure failure may occur. One of the ways to improve the bond of the steel-concrete interface, incorporating fibers into the concrete matrix, this is due to the confinement provided by the fibers, playing a similar role to that of traditional transverse...

  18. Estudio, Análisis y Parametrización de la combinación del método LSQR con filtros de ruido Gaussiano para reconstrucción de Imágenes de TAC.

    In the field of medical image reconstruction for Computed Tomography , various iterative methods have been developed which can obtain reconstructions from less projections. One such method is the LSQR, combined with a filtering process and an acceleration technique to aid convergence. The objective of this study is to perform the optimization of the proposed method in order to improve the performance, and also the process of data generation by Joseph's method. In turn, it is intended to perform a parametric study in a Grid environment using different metrics to determine the best possible configuration, and which filter is best suited...

  19. Determinación del valor económico de un impacto ambiental con el enfoque de servicios ecosistémicos aplicando la metodología AMUVAN: Caso implementación de humedales artificiales del Proyecto Life Albufera. Valencia.

    [EN] Ecosystems and human well-being are linked, decisions on ecosystems are usually conditioned by the economic benefits obtained from the market, sacrificing the benefits for which there is no market. For this reason, it is important to assign a total economic value to an environmental impact that includes all ecosystem services affected, in order to increase the information for decision-makers that affect the natural spaces. This work proposes the attainment of the economic value in the monetary unit of an environmental impact starting from the change of value of the ecosystem services of provisioning in the space; Using the method called AMUVAN (Multicriteria Analytical Valuation Method) that combines...

  20. La posición de Perú en los mercados internacionales del espárrago fresco.

    [EN] One of the most relevant events in the international markets for horticultural products in the XXI century is the economic growth of Peru. The paradigmatic case of the Peruvian agro export boom has been greatly helped by the year round exports of fresh asparagus; Therefore Peru has become one of the most significant success cases in a growing international markets, but at the same time important structural changes due to the accession to the markets of new producing and exporting countries. The result has been an increase in international competition. On the one hand, China has become the largest world producer of asparagus in just a few...

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