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RiuNet. Repositorio institucional de la Universitat de Valencia (73.332 recursos)

RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. Dominar la exhibición del museo MAS utilizando GGULIVRR

    [en] The goal of the Project was to create a GGULIVRR game or similar to attract youngsters aged 16 to 18 to the exhibition Antwerpen à la Carte from the Musesum Aan de Stroom (MAS) in Antwerp. This target group was chosen because it is not as significant as the groups from other ages. To solve the problem, we created throughout this project a game based in the GGULIVRR concept by Hiram Bollaert. This game will give an extra, interactive dimension to the exhibition so that it will be more attractive for young and old. All this will be...

  2. Integración de dos métodos de Ingeniería de Diseño para la realización de Órtesis para estabilización de pie y tobillo.

    Integration of two systematic of project development applied to assistive technology (TA), for development orthosis for stabilization for foot and ankle .

  3. Investigation of shock-enhanced mixing in a scramjet inlet

    A computational investigation of a scramjet inlet is presented in this project. The aim is to study the shock-enhanced mixing occurring in the inlet of a hypersonic vehicle. Three-dimensional numerical simulations are carried out for a circular jet of helium at Mach 1.7 into a Mach 6 ambient air flow. Several configurations to evaluate the impact of inlet geometrical parameters, fuel injector position and mesh quality are simulated numerically. Mole-fraction contours at different axial positions in the inlet are obtained to characterize the vortex-pair structure that appears in the flow. The mixing efficiency is quantitatively determined using two parameters: the ratio of...

  4. Operaciones en Aviación

    [EN] The aim of this report is to provide the QCAA with a clear understanding what ACDM can bring to Qatar. The project team has included a stakeholder analysis and a cost and benefit analysis in the report next to the A-CDM background, Implementation Plan, Operational Effects and Financial Impact. With all these elements taken into consideration, a conclusion and recommendation has been drawn about A-CDM in Qatar. The background of A-CDM must be clear to the authority. When the authority knows exactly what A-CDM is, the Implementation can be started. The Implementation consists of three phases, the information phase; in this phase all stakeholders will be convinced, the...

  5. Research on race car undertray and ground effect

    Development of a study on how to improve the FSAE Georgia Tech Motorsports car aerodynamic behavior, focusing on the undertray. Analysis focused to address performance impact on acceleration, braking, cornering and reducing average lap.

  6. Características y aplicaciones de la poliamida

    En esta proyecto, hemos calculado las propiedades mecánicas y observado el comportamiento de estructuras de poliamida con diferentes porosidades, construidas mediante tecnología SLS y sometidas a ensayos de tracción. También hemos visto las diferentes aplicaciones que tiene este material en la industria, asi como, el crecimiento de éste en mercados muy variados (automovilismo, aeronaútica, medicina etc.), debido a su bajo coste y a sus buenas características mecánicas.

  7. Modelado de una nueva estructura de control para un dron con empuje orientado

    [EN] A new control structure for the engine s tilting mechanism of a drone with oriented thrust has been designed. The chief interest of this paper is to explain the main reasons leading to this change in the control structure to then model the behavior of the new one. A kinematic study has been performed, obtaining a relation between the performed action and the resulting movement and vice versa. Then, a dynamic study was initiated, without concluding results due to the complexity of the problem definition and calculus, leaving it for future studies.

  8. White layer formation resulting from machining and its effect on high strength steel

    [EN] The present report is separated in two parts. The first part which concerns a literature review mainly focuses on finding out the mechanism of white layer formation and the machining parameters affecting its properties as well as its effect on the microstructure of high strength low-alloy steels. As part of an experimental analysis concerning 300M steel, some similar steels white layers features will be discussed; their properties, causes, formation mechanism and the microstructural changes induced to the material. On a second part, an experimental procedure has been led to reveal white layers on 300M steel samples with different machining...

  9. Recombinación y Transferencia de Energía en la Tobera de la instalación EAST en el Centro de Investigación NASA Ames

    [EN] The flow phenomena occurring during the planetary descent of a space vehicle is the main application of hypersonic aerothermodynamics. These flows are very difficult to compute, thus the aid of a reduced-order model for recombination is used in the present work to decrease the high computational costs of collisional (or State-to-State) models. This reduced order model is called "maximum entropy linear" (MEL) model and it achieves such reduction by grouping the different internal energy states of the gas into different groups, or bins, and imposing a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution within each bin. The test case of study is the nozzle...

  10. Evaluación del impacto de los factores que determinan el proceso de combustión en el motor de combustibles con diferentes propiedades

    The internal combustion engines are and will be in the near term the dominant sources of the drives means of transport. Therefore still work is continuing on improving the structure of these heat machines, also in terms of fuels with different properties and the use of new alternative fuels. To do this it should attempt to identify the factors shaping the combustion process, which will provide a starting point for further discussion and research problem. The aim of the work is theoretical and experimental analysis of the combustion process in internal combustion engine powered by different fuels.

  11. Automatización del Sistema de Cerveza Artesanal

    [EN] The aim of this project was to create the home brewing process by selecting cheap com- ponents and automating part of manufacturing in the most economical way possible. First, all components were selected, comparing prices and features, trying to coordinate cost with quality. The next step was to select the hardware and software that control these components, in this case Arduino Uno was selected. After that, create the source code, from the user can select the times of production and process information at all times by communication LCD Display and Arduino Uno. Finally, test the proper working order....

  12. Análisis del proceso de búsqueda de información en internet en conjuntos de usuarios diferenciados

    [EN] In the last decade internet information foraging has become a daily event for people around the world, and it is an activity that traverses so many areas of our lives, be it personal or professionally. It is important to increase the accessibility of information and to raise the usefulness of the information found. We know people are always trying to find information, but how they do it? Are there differences between the diverse groups? And if so, what is the factor that determines the group they belong to? This report contains the findings from an observational study conducted...

  13. Uso del almacenamiento de datos del motor del vehículo aplicado a las compañías de seguros

    [EN] This thesis relates to sophisticated theme of creation of the initial project of data warehouse of technical and operating factors of motor vehicle oriented to insurance companies with application of command and control system OBD. At beginning it has been described interface standards for collecting on-line data about car operating. In the next part of the thesis it has been focused to the need for identification codes, signals and their verification. In discussing the needs of insurance companies it has been mentioned marginally legal issue, including access to personal data, which is the reason for suspension of work on...

  14. Diseño estructural de expositor y plan de comunicación para start-up finlandesa KleenU. Colaboración con universidades bálticas.

    [EN] I have done one subject where I made a project collaborating with a finnish company, designing a cardboard display for a product invented by the company (wet wipes without chemical products) and a communication plan, designing the graphic part, how to attract the customer's attention, to communicate... On the other part I have done a project in collaboration with other baltic universities. I made the visualization of the topic: "New Strategies for Working-life Collaboration". Making several posters and a dynamic presentation.

  15. Diseño y fabricación de un molde de inyección de plástico

    [ES] El principal objetivo de esta tesina es la realización de un molde de inyección de plástico, para ello se realizará el diseño, estudio de inyección y posterior fabricación de un molde para la obtención de la pieza por inyección de plástico. El proyecto abordará los siguientes puntos:  Diseño de la pieza a fabricar.  Estudio de inyección de la pieza.  Optimización del proceso de inyección.  Estudio fabricación del molde. Como trabajo adicional se realizará un estudio económico comparativo de este método de fabricación frente al método de fabricación mediante arranque de viruta usando tecnología CAM-CNC.

  16. Rediseño y análisis de un chasis tubular de un buggy.

    [ES] En el presente proyecto se rediseña el chasis tubular de un buggy, que se encuentra activo en el ámbito de la competición. Con el rediseño, se pretende adaptarlo a las nuevas especificaciones de la RFDEA 2016 y realizar una serie de mejoras, para optimizar el rendimiento del vehículo actual. Inicialmente se exponen las características técnicas del vehículo y la serie de modificaciones que se van a aplicar. Una vez rediseñada la estructura tubular del buggy, mediante el programa de CAD/CAM/CAE Solidworks, se ejecutan las nuevas soluciones constructivas para optimizar al máximo el chasis del vehículo. Realizado el modelo 3D...

  17. Diseño y fabricación de fachadas 3D desmontables de Krion

    [ES] El presente proyecto consiste en el desarrollo y fabricación de la fachada del stand de la firma PORCELANOSA Grupo para la feria Cersaie 2015, diseñada por el arquitecto Ramón Esteve. La fachada estaría fabricada en KRION, la Solid Surface del Grupo.

  18. Sustitución de luminarias convencionales por leds en ala sur de la ETSID

    [ES] El objeto de este proyecto es realizar un estudio de sustitución de las luminarias convencionales por luminarias leds en la escuela técnica superior de ingeniería del diseño (ETSID) de valencia. Las luminarias leds actualmente proporcionan una luz de igual o mayor calidad que las luminarias convencionales y suponen un ahorro muy importante en el consumo energético, además aumenta la eficiencia y la durabilidad de la instalación. Estos beneficios pueden servir para compensar los gastos que ocasionan la sustitución de las luminarias, en este proyecto final de grado se realizará el estudio de esa sustitución de luminarias en las distintas zonas de la ETSID para comprobar...

  19. Diseño de bicicleta acuática inclusiva

    Diseño de bicicleta acuática inclusiva, para hacer inclusivos los juegos en el medio acuático a las personas que tiene algún problema de movilidad.

  20. Diseño de un control tolerante a fallos para un autopiloto de multicóptero implementado en dos sistemas empotrados en configuración redundante.

    [ES] El objeto del presente proyecto es diseñar un sistema de control tolerante a fallos para un autopiloto de forma que permita pilotar de manera remota, mediante tecnología inalámbrica por radiocontrol (RC), un multicóptero o aeronave RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicle). El dispositivo de control de la aeronave se implementará en dos sistemas empotrados en configuración redundante conectados en red permitiendo el continuo intercambio de información entre ambos sistemas. Esta comunicación permitirá el tratamiento ininterrumpido de las variables de control provenientes de ambos sistemas durante la misión de vuelo. El sistema de control determinará qué hardware autopiloto redundante es el encargado de gobernar la aeronave y podrá substituirlo...

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