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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

Status = Published (5,951) Subject = Disciplinary background of papers (2,074)
Subject = EU policies and themes (11,575) Subject = Political science themes (1,846)
Subject = Legal issues (393) Journals and Series = Series (2,017)
Subject = Countries (4,477) Subject = Economic issues (793)
Status = Unpublished (1,670) Subject = Other international institutions (333)
Conferences = European Union Studies Association (EUSA) (1,502) Conferences = European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) (22)
Journals and Series = Journals (231) Conferences = National Bank of Belgium (7)
Conferences = European Political-economy Infrastructure Consortium (EPIC) (36) Status = In Press (7)
Conferences = University of Sheffield, Department of Politics (34) Conferences = University of Malta, European Documentation and Research Centre, Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence (24)
Conferences = University of Pittsburgh, European Union Center of Excellence (7) Conferences = History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS) (3)
Type = EU Commission - COM Document (9,596) Type = Conference or Workshop Item (162)
Type = Policy Paper (1,774) Type = Article (101)
Type = EU Speech (1,878) Type = EU Commission - Working Document (14,969)
Type = Working Paper (770) Type = EU Related (1,244)
Type = Conference Proceedings (7) Type = EU Commission - Press Notice (4,060)
Type = Discussion Paper (36) Type = EU European Parliament Document (4,410)
Type = EU Council of the EU Document (3,168) Type = EU Other (1,883)
Type = EU Commission - Brochure (1,673) Type = EU Commission - SEC Document (1,867)
Type = EU Economic and Social Committee (420) Type = Other (844)
Type = EU Court of Justice Document (91) Type = Book (136)
Type = EU European Council (34) Status = Submitted (25)
Type = Review Essay (2)

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1. Consolidated report on physical and psychological stress at work and the introduction of new technology in certain postal and telecommunications sectors (Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom) - McGann, Brendan; Wynne, Emer.

2. Rapport fait au nom de la commission du marche interieur sur la proposition de la Commission de la C.E.E. au Conseil (doc. 82, 1965-1966) relative a une directive concernant le rapprochement des legislations des Etats membres relatives aux taxes d'affranchissement pour les lettres du premier echelon de poids et les cartes postales. = Report on behalf of the Internal Market Committee on the proposal of the EEC Commission to the Council (doc. 82, 1965-1966) on a directive on the approximation of laws relating to charges for postage letters of the first echelon of weights and postcards. EP Session Documents 1966-1967, Document 43, 4 May 1966-1967 - Berkhouwer, M. C.

3. Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs on the European postage stamp. EP Working Documents 1982-1983 1-524/82, 19 July 1982 - Schinzel, D.

4. Proposal for a Council Decision on the conclusion of the exchange of letters complementing the Agreement between the European Economic Community and the United States of America under GATT Article XXIV.6. COM (90) 690 final, 20 December 1990

5. Proposal for a Council Decision setting up a programme of options specific to the remote and insular nature of Madeira and the Azores (POSEIMA). COM (90) 687 final, 20 February 1991

6. Proposal for a Council Decision concerning the conclusion of the Framework Agreement for cooperation between the European Economic Community and the United Mexican States. COM (91) 92 final, 20 March 1991

7. Report of the Commission to the Council concerning the operations referred to in Directive 79/267/EEC of the 5th March 1979 and undertaken by composite and specialised companies. COM (91) 55 final, 22 February 1991

8. Amended proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) establishing a Community ship register and providing for the flying of the flag by sea-going vessels. Amended proposal for a Council regulation (EEC) on a common definition of a Community shipowner. Amended proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) applying the principle of freedom to provide services to maritime transport within Member States. COM (91) 54 final, 22 February 1991

9. Proposal for a Council Directive amending Annex II to Directive 79/409/EEC on the conservation of wild birds. COM (91) 42 final, 7 March 1991

10. Re-examilned proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on development cooperation with South Africa. COM (96) 459 final, 4 October 1996

11. Proposal for a Council Directive amending Directive 93/75/EEC concerning minimum requirements for vessels bound for or leaving Community ports and carrying dangerous or polluting goods. COM (96) 455 final, 23 September 1996

12. Re-examined proposal for a Council Directive on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances. COM (96) 440 final, 3 September 1996

13. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on progress in the implementation of the Council Conclusions of 26 April 1994 on the role of the JRC. COM (96) 435 final, 6 September 1996

14. Re-examined proposal for a Council Directive on the groundhandling market at Community airports. COM (96) 435 final, 16 August 1996

15. Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on the implementation by the Commission of activities to promote market access for Community industry to third countries. COM (96) 432 final, 6 September 1996

16. Proposal for a Council Decision concerning the organisation of cooperation around agreed Community energy objectives. COM (96) 431 final, 4 October 1996

17. Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the implementation and rate of utilization of loans granted by the European Investment Bank for projects of mutual interest in countries of Latin America and Asia with which the Community has concluded cooperation agreements (1995-96). COM (96) 429 final, 9 September 1996

18. Recommendation for a Council Decision approving the signature of an Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa. COM (96) 423 final, 4 September 1996

19. Proposal for a Council Regulationn (EC) protecting against the effects of the application of certain legislation of certain third countries, and actions based thereon or resulting thereform. COM (96) 420 final, 31 July 1996

20. Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) concerning the interruption of economic and financial relations between the European Community and Iraq. Draft Decision of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community, meeting within the Council, repealing Decision 90/414/ECSC preventing trade as regards Iraq and Kuwait. COM (96) 416 final, 26 July 1996

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