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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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161. Speech by F.O. Gundelach, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Conference on the Prospects for Agriculture in the EEC, Organized by the "College D'Europe". Bruges, 16 June 1979 - Gundelach, Finn Olav.

162. The European Identity. Speech by Christopher Tugendhat, Commissioner of the European Communites, to the the Welsh Development Agency. Cardiff, 5 July 1979 - Tugendhat, Christopher.

163. The European Community as a Partner in the World Economy. Address by Wilhelm Haferkamp, Vice-president of the Commission of the European Communities, to the European Chambers of Commerce. Rio de Janeiro, 9 October 1979 - Haferkamp, Wilhelm.

164. Address by Mr. Richard Burke at the Energy Systems Analysis International Conference, Trinity College. Dublin, 10 October 1979 - Burke, Richard.

165. Opening Statement on the Short Term Outlook and the Longer Term Objectives of Economic and Monetary Union by The Right Hon. Roy Jenkins, President of the Commission of the European Communities to the European Council. Brussels, 6 December 1977 - Jenkins, Roy.

166. The Prosperity of Europe. Speech by the Right Hon. Roy Jenkins, President of the Commission of the European Communities. Brussels, 6 October 1977 - Jenkins, Roy.

167. President Jenkins' Address to the Association of Consumers. Brussels, 23 September 1977 - Jenkins, Roy.

168. World Trade in the 1980's: Problems and Opportunities for MCNs. Statement by Paul Luyten, Head of the EEC Delegation to the GATT. Washington, DC 7-9 May 1979 - Luyten, Paul.

169. Remarks on the Final Report of the Special Committee on Coal Policy. Summary and full texst of the speech by Dr. Guido Brunner, Member of the EEC Commission to the ECSC Advisory Committee. Edinburgh, 11 May 1979

170. Insurance Policy in the European Commuinty and Some Implications for Consumer Affairs. Speech by Richard Burke, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, to the Insurance Institute of Ireland Annual Dinner. Rosslaire, 18 May 1979 - Burke, Richard.

171. Energy Saving - The Order of the Day. Speech by Guido Brunner, Member of the Commission with responsibility for energy, research, science and education, at the 9th Conference of Mining Salaried Staffs. Gelsenkirchen, 19 May 1979 - Brunner, Guido.

172. Statement by Vice-President Natali on Greece's Accession to the Community. Brussels, 23 May 1979 - Natali, Lorenzo.

173. Shipping Policy: A View of Western Europe. Address by Mr. Richard Burke, Member of the Commission of the European Communities. Stockholm School of Economics. Stockholm, 18 June 1979 - Burke, Richard.

174. Speech Delivered by Mr. Henk Vredling, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities to the 65th Annual Conference of the I.L.O. Geneva, 18 June 1979 - Vredling, Henk.

175. A Third Europe? Third Jean Monnet Lecture by Professor Ralf Dahrendorf, Director of the London School of Economics. Florence, 26 November 1979 - Dahrendorf, Ralf.

176. The Development of Banking Policy in the European Community. Opening address given by Mr. Christopher Tugendhat, European Commission Responsible for Financial Institutions, the Community Budget and Personnel and Administration, to the Conference on Domestic Banking organized by the Financial Times. London, 28 June 1979 - Tugendhat, Christopher.

177. Establishment of Services Should Be Priority. Speech by Christopher Tugendhat, Member of the European Commission, on credit institutions in the EEC. Financial Times Conference. London, 28 June 1979 - Tugendhat, Christopher.

178. Extracts from a Speech by Mr. Christopher Tugendhat, Member of the European Commission, Analysing the Nature of the European Identity, at the Welsh Development Agency. Cardiff, 5 July 1979 - Tugendhat, Christopher.

179. Statement to the Parliament by the Rt Hon Roy Jenkins. Strasbourg, 18 July 1979 - Jenkins, Roy.

180. A Keynote Speech by European Commission President Roy Jenkins before the European Parliament concerning problems facing the European Union. Strasbourg, 19 July 1979 - Jenkins, Roy.


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