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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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  1. Statement by the President of the Council, Mr. Michael O'Kennedy, T.D., Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, to the European Parliament. Strasbourg, 19 July 1979

    O'Kennedy, Michael.

  2. Meeting on IndoChinese Refugees 20/21 July 1979. Statement by Mr. Micheal O'Kennedy, T.D., Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland and President-in-Office of the Council of Ministers of the European Communities. Geneva, 20 July 1979

    O'Kennedy, Michael.

  3. Speeches by Mrs. Louise Weiss, Oldest Member of the European Parliament, and Mrs. Simone Veil, President of the European Parliament. Strasbourg, 17 and 18 July 1979

    Weiss, Louise.; Veil, Simone.

  4. The Role of the European Commission is Unquestionably A Poltical One. Summary of the talk given by Mr. Etienne Davignon to the IRRI. Brussels, 11 September 1979

    Davignon, Etienne.

  5. Outline of Mr. Davignon's Speech "Restructuring in the 80s" at the Conference of Metals Society. Amsterdam, 13 September 1979

    Davignon, Etienne.

  6. Energy in the European Communities. Speech by Dr. Guido Brunner, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, at TNO. The Hague, 21 September 1979

    Brunner, Guido.

  7. Extracts from the Speech Given by Vice-President Henk Vredling to the Inter-Regional Trades Union Council for the Weser-EMS Region Oldenburg, 22 September 1979. Brussels, 21 September 1979

    Vredling, Henk.

  8. European Trends in Corporate Governance. Speech by Dr. Ivo E. Schwartz, Director for Approximation of Laws, Freedom of Establishment, Freedom to Provide Services; Commission of the European Communities, delivered at the Conference on "Enterprise Law of the '80s: European and American Perspectives on Competition and Industrial Organization." Brussels, 26 September 1979

    Schwartz, Ivo.

  9. The European Community: New Institutional Developments. Speech by C. Audland at the Mid-Atlantic Club Lunch. Washington, DC, 28 September 1979

    Audland, C.

  10. Strength and Vulnerabilities of the Free Market in Europe with Particular Reference to Chemicals. Speech delivered by Monsieur Davignon. Chemical Industry Society. New York, 1 October 1979

    Davignon, Etienne.

  11. "The Politics of Trade" Speech by Fernand Spaak, Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, Washington DC. Third Annual US-EC-Japan Economic Journalists Symposium. Washington, DC, 15 October 1979

    Spaak, Fernand.

  12. Speech by the President of the Commission, The Right Hon Roy Jenkins, at the General Assembly of the Youth Forum of the European Communities. 22 November 1979

    Jenkins, Roy.

  13. Infrastructure: A Systems Approach. Speech by Richard Burke, Member of the European Commission. Dublin, 1 December 1979

    Burke, Richard.

  14. Speech by President Jimmy Carter at the Commission of the European Communities. Brussels, 6 January 1978

    Carter, Jimmy.

  15. Opening Statement for Commission Meeting with President Carter. Brussels, 6 January 1978

    Jenkins, Roy.

  16. Statement by Mr. K.B. Andersen, President in office of the Council of the European Communities, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark. Luxembourg, 18 January 1978

    Andersen, K.B.

  17. Speech by Mr. Tugendhat on the Occasion of the European Day of the French Federation of Insurance Companies. Paris, 20 January 1978

    Tugendhat, Christopher.

  18. The Community and Its Approach to Insurance. Speech by Christopher S. Tugendhat, EEC Commissioner, at the Royal Insurance Institute. London, 23 January 1978

    Tugendhat, Christopher.

  19. Opening Speech by Mr. Guido Brunner, at 2nd Session of the Open Debates on Nuclear Energy. Brussels, 24 January 1978

    Brunner, Guido.

  20. Speech by Mr. Henk Vredeling, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, on the occasion of the seminar on "Action against Poverty II". Chantilly, 19 September 1997

    Vredling, Henk.

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