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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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  1. Amended proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive amending Council Directives 90/387/EEC and 92/44/EEC for the purpose of adaptation to a competitive environment in telecommunications. COM (96) 418 final, 31 July 1996

  2. Proposal for a Council Directive amending Directive 92/14/EEC on the limitation of the operation of aeroplanes covered by Part II, Chapter 2, Volume 1 of Annex 16 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, second edition (1988). COM (96) 413 final, 4 September 1996

  3. Amended Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive on Common Rules for the Development of Community Postal Services and the Improvement of Quality of Service. COM (96) 412 final, 31 July 1996

  4. Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) modifying Council Regulation (EC) No 40/94 of 20 December 1993 on the Community trade mark to give effect to the accession of the European Community to the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks adopted at Madrid on 27 June 1989. COM (96) 372 final, 24 July 1996

  5. Proposal for a Council Decision on the extension of the legal protection of topographies of semiconductor products to persons from the Isle of Man. COM (96) 411 final, 4 September 1996

  6. Proposal for a Council Decision amending Decision 93/389/EEC for a monitoring mechanism for Community CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. COM (96) 369 final, 4 September 1996

  7. Amended Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive on a Common Framework for General Authorizations and Individual Licences in the Field of Telecommunications Services. COM (96) 342 final, 31 July 1996

  8. Amended proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision establishing a Community action programme in the field of cultural heritage. The RAPHAËL Programme. COM (96) 333 final, 8 July 1996

  9. Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) amending Regulation (EEC) No 3528/86 on the protection of the Community's forests against atmospheric pollution. Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) amending Regulation (EEC) No 2158/92 on protection of the Community's forests against fire. COM (96) 341 final, 16 July 1996

  10. Re-examined proposal for a Council Directive on ambient air quality assessment and management. COM (96) 311 final, 24 June 1996

  11. Re-examined proposal for a Council Directive on integrated pollution prevention and control. COM (96) 306 final, 24 June 1996

  12. Extracts from an address by Mr. Christopher Tugendhat, EEC Commissioner responsible for the Budget, to a Conservative Rally. Perth, Scotland, 12 May 1979

    Tugendhat, Christopher.

  13. Summary of the Speech by Mr. Finn Olav Gundelach, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, during the symposium organized by Thomassen & Drijver-Verblifa N.V. Deventer (Netherlands), 5 October 1979

    Gundelach, Finn Olav.

  14. Speech by the Rt Hon George Thomson, Member of the Commission for Regional Affairs, addressing the Newspaper Society, the Association of Publishers of the Regional and Local Press in the UK. Chester, 16 March 1976

    Thomson, George.

  15. Report from the Commission on the establishment of a system, adapted to the final arrangements of organization of the inland transport market, for observing the markets for the carriage of goods by rail, road, and inland waterway between the Member States. COM (88) 250 final, 3 May 1988

    No abstract.

  16. Extracts of the Programme Speech to the European Parliament by Mr. Roy Jenkins, President of the European Commission. Strasbourg, 12 February 1980

    Jenkins, Roy.

  17. Some Thoughts on the European Communities Budget. Speech by Christopher Tugendhat, Commissioner of the European Communities, to the Institute for World Economic Research. Hamburg, 3 March 1980

    Tugendhat, Christopher.

  18. 9th Annual Report on Competition Policy. Summary of the Statement by Mr. Vouel, Member of the Commission. Strasbourg, 11 March 1980

    Vouel, Raymond.

  19. Channel Tunnel. Statement by Mr. Richard Burke, Member of the Commission of the European Communities. London, 12 March 1980

    Burke, Richard.

  20. Social Policy and Labor Relations in the European Communities. Address by Henk Vredling, Vice-President of the European Commission, to the International Labor Law Committee of the American Bar Association. Brussels, 21 March 1980

    Vredling, Henk.

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