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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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  1. Transport in a Fast Changing Europe. Group Transport 2000 Plus. December 1990

  2. The European Public's Attitudes to Scientific and Technical Development. Opinion poll in the countries of the European Community. XII/201/79-EN, February 1979

  3. The Perception of Poverty in Europe. Community Programme to Foster Economic and Social Integration of the Least Privileged Groups. V/467/90-EN, March 1990

  4. Europeans and Their Holidays. VII/165/87-EN

  5. Education Systems and Immigration in the EU: The Challenge of Preventing Social Exclusion. Information network on migration from third countries (RIMET). Supplementary Report 1994

    Marie, Claude-Valentin.

  6. The Member States of the EU and Immigration in 1994: Less Tolerance and Tighter Control Policies. Information network on migration from third countries (RIMET). General Report 1994.

    Marie, Claude-Valentin.

  7. Compilation of Texts Adopted by the Council (Ministers for Development Cooperation) 1 January 1989 to 31 December 1991

  8. Proposal for a Council Decision concluding the agreement for scientific and technical cooperation between the European Community and the State of Israel. COM (96) 205 final, 14 May 1996

  9. Europeans and the Prevention of Cancer. Degree of awareness of the programme and the European Code against cancer: attitudes and behaviour with regard to the rules in the Code. Opinions on the Community Action (October-November 1988). June 1989

  10. Public Opinion in the European Community: Energy. XVII/202/83-E, October 1982

  11. The Young Europeans. An explanatory study of 15-24 year olds in the E.E.C. countries.

  12. European Men and Women in 1978. A comparative study of socio-political attitudes in the European Community. X/72/79-E, February 1979

  13. Common Standards for Enterprises

    Nicolas, Florence; Repussard, Jacques

  14. Steps to European Unity. Community progress to date: a chronology. 6th edition

  15. Europeans and Cancer Prevention. Food consumption habits, smoking, and cancer screening for women. December 1988

  16. The Attitude of the Working Population to Retirement. Results and analysis of a survey carried out in the countries of the European Community. V/457/78-E, May 1978

  17. Europeans and the ECU. The European Onmibus Survey. X/308/85-EN, November 1985

  18. Assistance for Economic Restructuring in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe: An Operational Guide. PHARE

  19. Proposal for a Council Directive on the frequency bands to be designated for the coordinated introduction of digital short-range radio (DSRR) in the Community. COM (91) 215 final, 12 June 1991

  20. Compilation of Texts Adopted by the Council (Ministers for Development Cooperation) 1 January 1981 - 31 December 1988

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