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BALL STATE UNIVERSITY Digital Media Repository (345,826 recursos)
This site is a university repository providing access to electronic resources in the Ball University Digital Collections. The site is well supported with background information and guidance documentation. #es

Other Side of Middletown Photographs (151) Otto Sellers Photograph (909)
Spurgeon-Greene Photograph (4,008) W. A. Swift Photograph (1,195)
WWII Historical Films (130) Architecture Images (75,362)
Muncie Times (4,853) Ball State Student Artwork (2,770)
Ball State Theatre Costume (1,492) Anatomical Models (147)
BSU Collections (171) BSU Photo Services (10,467)
Manhaters Collection (55) Middletown Oral History (395)
BSU Library Insider (93) Miniature Furniture (96)
WIPB Video (3) BSU Library Insider (1)
LSTA Civil War Letters (14,221) Daniel Hartwig Photograph Collection of Indiana Courthouses (564)
Elisabeth Ball Collection of WWI Posters (1,663) Robert F. Kennedy Speech (25)
Eleanor Roosevelt Speech (7) 376th Heavy Bombardment Group Oral Histories (56)
ALI Archives (751) American Almanacs (2,070)
American Cities Historic Maps (35) Art History Images (1,519)
Ball State Monograph Series (35) Bartel, Samuel G. Architectural Records (256)
Beeman, Mary Historic Costumes (144) Biological Specimens (226)
Bracker, Charles E. Orchid Photographs (600) BSU Alumni Center Memorabilia (239)
BSU Building Plans (90) BSU Campus Maps (47)
BSU Commencement Programs (6,392) BSU Commencement Videos (11)
BSU Course Catalogs (18,192) BSU Student Newspaper (30,077)
BSU Museum of Art Collection (1,339) BSU Orient Yearbooks (21,426)
BSU Student Films (10) Cantigny First Division Oral Histories (62)
Chapbooks (174) Conatser, Roger Aerial Photographs (3,334)
Conner, William Farm Architectural Drawings (36) Croquis d’Architecture Architectural Journal (2,392)
Delaware County Aerial Plat Maps (1,063) Delaware County Courthouse Collection (44)
Delaware County Methodist Church Photographs (54) Dolls (246)
Fashion Jewelry (1,108) Fisher, Joseph World War II Scrapbook (636)
Forum Literary Journal (109) Fossils (22)
French Revolution Pamphlets (524) Friends Memorial Church Collection (195)
Gear-O-Gram Magazine (3,438) Geological Specimens (37)
Hawk, Norene Diaries (350) Historic Children’s Books (36,866)
Holmes, Alvin W. Covered Bridge Photographs (86) Hooten, Mary Ann Peace Movement Oral Histories (8)
Indiana ArtsDesk Radio Archive (167) Indiana Bridge Company Collection (1,656)
Indiana Historic Atlases (1,755) Indiana Natural Resources Maps (13)
IOLUG Archives (1,027) Jackson, William Henry World's Columbian Exposition Photographs (314)
Lantern Slides (136) Mann, Thomas P. and Eva Collection (571)
Meridian Services, Inc. Records (44) Middletown Women's History Collection (582)
Miller, Gladys J. Architectural Records (185) Morris, Ronald V. American and Indiana History Images (844)
Muncie and Delaware County Historic Maps and Atlases (158) Muncie and Delaware County Historic Photographs (3,180)
Muncie Chevrolet Plant Photographs (402) Muncie Civic Theater Programs (13,974)
Muncie Historic Souvenir Booklets (455) Muncie Post-Democrat Newspaper (1,044)
Muncie Public Library Historic Documents (8,476) Muncie Redevelopment Commission Minutes (290)
NAI FourThought Newsletter (170) Neely, Thomas Diaries (1,589)
Newslink Indiana Videos (629) Nolan, Schuyler N. Architectural Records (127)
Original Leaves From Famous Bibles (304) Physical Culture Magazine (106)
Pierre & Wright Architectural Records (2,311) Putnam, Frederick Diaries (4,076)
Reichenbachia, Orchids Illustrated and Described (859) Retherford, R. Milton House Architectural Drawings (16)
Ryan, Thomas L. Diaries (1,219) Sheet Music (1,284)
Star Drug Store Inventories (201) Steinbeck Monograph Series (136)
Trowbridge and Beals Photographs (51) Vietnam Era Veterans Oral Histories (26)
Weber, Wayne M. Architectural Records (924) Wheeler, Frank H. Estate Photographs (42)
World War II Government Publications (102) Yorktown-Mt. Pleasant Twp. Historical Alliance (200)
Young, Daniel B. Landscape Architectural Records (111) BSU School of Music Concert and Event Programs (14,794)
Boatbuilding on Abaco Thesis Collection (51) Steinbeck Quarterly Journal (71)
Avian Specimens (428) Muncie Chevrolet Plant Architectural Drawings (106)
Muncie and Delaware County Films (1,659) Ball State University Historical Films and Videos (574)
Muncie Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (200) Illuminated Manuscripts (15)
Musical Instruments (6) Pendleton Historical Museum Collection (1)
UniverCity Videos (44) CAP Guest Lecture Series Audio Recordings (77)
Center School Collection (400) Conspectus of History (56)
Ball State University Historic Audio Recordings (217) BSU Faculty Lecture Series (79)
Grant County (Indiana) Veterans Oral Histories (64) Franklin, Grady Collection (405)
Architectural Trade Catalogs (21) Friends of the Alexander M. Bracken Library Lectures and Publications (59)
Wysor’s Grand Opera House Programs (44) Maps of the World (1)
BSU Provost's Lecture Series (10) Crowder, Daniel B. Oral Histories (16)
Kirkpatrick Memorial Conference and Workshops on Aging Collection (77) Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County Collection (3,797)
Delaware County Fraternal Orders Collection (3) Marsh and Ryan Family Photographs (480)
Children's Playhouse Theatre Collection (192) Demotte, Sharley B. Scrapbooks (712)
Murray’s Jewelers Collection (3) Johnson and Miller Architectural Records (132)
Delaware County Public Schools Directories (1,812) Sir Norman Angell Memorial Lectures (5)
BSU Student Life Collection (156) Indiana Architectural Drawings Collections (84)
BSU Board of Trustees Minutes (27,515) J-Ideas Videos (10)
BSU Faculty Oral Histories (27) Ostland Atlas and Statistical Report (60)
Bowles, Thomas Jefferson Family Collection (2) Muncie City Directories (7)
Muncie City Improvement Resolutions (79) BSU Electronic Field Trip Videos (35)
Gibson, Edwin A. Architectural Records (300)


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