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  1. Flagrant of a Clavicle Fracture as Bullfight Injury

    Durão, Carlos; Ramos, Jorge
    The Vila Franca de Xira Hospital is located in the region with the highest number of festivals and bullfighting activities of Portugal. As a natural consequence, the hospital ends up with a particular experience in the treatment of victims of bullfighting accidents. These are usually common people harvested in street celebrations during the traditional festivals of the region, but also workers such as cattle herders, foremen, ranchers and others who handle the wild cattle and in particular those who deal with the bulls, such as forcados, banderilleros, matadors and cavaleiros. Although we may refer the perforating injuries generated by the...

  2. Ainda Existe Espaço para o Tratamento Conservador nas Fraturas Complexas da Diáfise do Úmero?

    Durão, C; Ramos, J
    As fraturas da diáfise do úmero representam cerca de 1 a 3% de todas as fraturas, e cerca de 20% das fraturas umerais. A maioria das fraturas da diáfise do úmero, nomeadamente as oblíquas longas e as cominutivas, pode ser tratada conservadoramente, porém a tendência atual vai no sentido do tratamento cirúrgico, mesmo nas fraturas que se obtinham bons resultados com o tratamento não cirúrgico. O presente trabalho descreve o bom resultado diante de um tratamento conservador numa fratura diafisária complexa do úmero, demonstrando ainda existir espaço para o tratamento não cirúrgico, e discute a importância da relação médico-doente diante...

  3. A rare case of digital myiasis

    Durão, C; Barros, A; Campos, P
    Cutaneous myiasis is the infestation of the skin or mucous membranes by larvae of the order Diptera. Wound myiasis affect the skin with a previous lesion, and it may consume both dead and living tissue. Finger infestation is rarely a cause of death, but it may provoke considerable morbidity. Prompt wound exploration and careful total larvae removal is essential to achieve healing. In the reported case, the patient was presented in an advanced stage of the infestation, with a large area of finger necrosis and amputation, associated with cellulitis extending from the finger's base to the hand. This diagnosis helped...

  4. Undiagnosed intracranial lipoma associated with sudden death

    Durão, C; Predrosa, F
    Intracranial lipomas represent less than 0.1% of all intracranial tumors. They are usually located in the callus area and often asymptomatic. This paper presents a sudden death case after an episode of convulsions on a 39 years old woman with a history of migraines and seizures since adolescence. The autopsy revealed the presence of an undiagnosed massive brain lipoma (60 × 35 mm) associated with atrophy of the corpus callosum. Although very rare and seldom malignant these may be associated with seizures and sudden death

  5. The Hypothesis of Connecting Two Spinal Cords as a Way of Sharing Information between Two Brains and Nervous Systems

    Silva-dos-Santos, A
    Direct communication between different nervous systems has been recently reported through Brain-to-Brain-Interfaces and brainet. Closed loops systems between the brain and the spinal cord from the same individual have also been demonstrated. However, the connection between different nervous systems through the spinal cord has not yet been considered. This paper raises the hypothesis that connecting two spinal cords (spinal cord – spinal cord connection) is an indirect mean for communication of two brains and a direct way of communication between two nervous systems. A concept of electrical fingerprint of a drug is introduced. The notion of connection between two parts...

  6. A Nonrandomized, Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 4 Pilot Study on the Effect and Safety of ILUVIEN® in Chronic Diabetic Macular Edema Patients Considered Insufficiently Responsive to Available Therapies (RESPOND)

    Figueira, J; Henriques, J; Amaro, M; Rosas, V; Alves, D; Cunha-Vaz, J
    PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness and safety of ILUVIEN® in patients with chronic diabetic macular edema (DME) who were insufficiently responsive to prior therapies. METHODS: This is a prospective, nonrandomized, multicenter, open-label, phase 4 pilot study assessing the effectiveness and safety of ILUVIEN® involving 12 patients insufficiently responsive to available therapies. Assessments were performed at screening, baseline, week 1, and months 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12. Demographics, medical/ophthalmic history, prior laser, anti-VEGF, and steroid treatments, and lab tests were recorded at screening. A complete ophthalmic examination and SD-OCT were performed at screening and at all follow-up...

  7. EP20.01: Twin pregnancy birth in a new non-tertiary hospital

    Patrício, L; Martinho Simoes, M; Robalo, R; Tapadinhas, P; Jerónimo, M; Caetano, P; Costa, R

  8. Dicotomias na valoração das sequelas osteo-articulares no idoso

    Durão, C

  9. Demonstração prática da formação de fraturas por projéteis de arma de fogo (PAF) em ossos longos - bovinos e sintéticos

    Durão, C

  10. Commentary on 'Blue-blocking glasses as additive treatment for mania: A randomized placebo-controlled trial'

    Silva-dos-Santos, A

  11. Predictive factors for the appearance of myringosclerosis after myringotomy with ventilation tube placement: randomized study

    Branco, C; Monteiro, D; Paço, J
    Myringotomy with the insertion of ventilation tubes is the most frequent surgical procedure performed in children, and the appearance of myringosclerosis is one of its most frequent long-term complications. The objective of this study is to identify clinical factors and technique variations that may have a relation with the appearance of myringosclerosis, after tube insertion. Patients submitted to myringotomy with transtympanic short-term tube insertion were studied in a longitudinal prospective and analytical cohort study with the prospective randomized open, blinded endpoint (PROBE) methodology, to study the influence of the location of myringotomy (anterior-inferior quadrant or posterior-inferior), directions of the incision...

  12. Patient care transition in psychiatry and mental health (Transição entre níveis de cuidados e a adesão do doente)

    Silva-dos-Santos, A; Talina, M

  13. Folic Acid Levels in a Sample of Portuguese Psychiatric Outpatients

    Abreu-Lopes, J
    INTRODUCTION: There is substantial evidence of the association between mental disorders and low folic acid levels. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of folic acid deficiency in a sample of Portuguese psychiatric outpatients. METHODS: The study was retrospective and included 428 psychiatric outpatients with a diagnosis of depression or non-affective psychosis, for whom folic acid levels had been measured as part of routine blood tests. Folic acid levels from other hospital patients from the same time period were also registered. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The prevalence of folic acid deficiency in this sample is 18%. Non-psychiatric hospital patients with risk...

  14. Antipsychotics in First-Episode Psychosis: Patterns of Use in a Sample of Portuguese Patients

    Coentre, R; Talina, M

  15. Artrite meningocócica primária na criança

    Machado, R; Gouveia, C; Ramos, S; Tavares, D
    A artrite é uma complicação conhecida da doença meningocócica. Contudo, a artrite meningocócica primária (AMP), na ausência de meningite ou manifestações de meningococemia aguda, é rara. Descreve-se o caso de uma criança do sexo masculino, 17 meses, saudável, com quadro de febre, recusa da marcha e limitação dos movimentos da anca esquerda. Sem instabilidade hemodinâmica, exantema ou sinais meníngeos. Analiticamente tinha elevação dos parâmetros inflamatórios. Foi isolada Neisseria meningitidis serotipo B no líquido articular e foi medicado com ceftriaxone, seguido de amoxicilina oral, com boa evolução clínica e analítica. Apresentamos este caso raro, salientando a importância do diagnóstico etiológico de artrite séptica na criança.

  16. Cutaneous hyperpigmentation and cobalamin deficiency

    Machado, R; Furtado, F; Kjöllerström, P; Cunha, F

  17. Oral Anticoagulation in the Elderly: New Oral Anticoagulants-Innovative Solution for an Old Problem?

    Barbosa, M; Menezes Falcão, L
    Direct oral anticoagulants emerge as the most innovative and promising drug toward preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, raising great interest among the scientific community. Numerous studies and meta-analysis generated much data clarifying clinicians' doubts; however, uncertainties remain regarding their use in particular groups such as patients with prosthetic valves, in valvular atrial fibrillation (defined as atrial fibrillation related to mitral rheumatic heart disease or prosthetic heart valves), among the elderly, in paraneoplastic thromboembolism, in pulmonary embolism with hemodynamic compromise, and scarcity of specific antidotes. This review article intends to condense the vast scientific production addressing new oral anticoagulants by focusing...

  18. Infeção gonocócica disseminada – Um quadro clínico a relembrar

    Nortadas, R; Serrano, B; Pereira, S; Barata, J
    Os autores apresentam um caso clínico de infeção gonocócica disseminada, numa mulher de 50 anos, cursando com febre, poliartalgias e exuberantes lesões cutâneas de tipo pápulo-pustuloso com componente hemorrágico. As hemoculturas e a cultura de exsudado vaginal foram negativas, sendo o diagnóstico confirmado por deteção do ADN bacteriano por PCR em amostra de urina. Pretende-se com este trabalho relembrar um quadro clínico pouco frequente e de identificação difícil por se confundir facilmente com outras entidades nosológicas,nomeadamente do foro autoimune.

  19. Hepatite Tóxica Induzida por Produtos Fitoterapêuticos: Natural Não é Sinónimo de Seguro

    Serrano Ferreira, B; Neiva, J; Nunes, G; Barata, J
    A case of toxic hepatitis induced by a fat burner natural product is reported. Pathogenic mechanisms of hepatotoxicity arediscussed, and causality nexus is analyzed. The goal of this presentation is to alert for the risk of severe adverse events while consuming falsely harmless products.

  20. Intubação Endotraqueal – Um Dilema na Assistência Pré-hospitalar

    Rodrigues, D; Pires, E; Gomes, V; Araújo, I
    A intubação endotraqueal (IET), no pré-hospitalar, é considerada o “gold standard” na manutenção da via aérea de modo a fornecer a ventilação e oxigenação à pessoa em situação crítica, no entanto, está associada a várias complicações e riscos. Com este trabalho de revisão sistemática da literatura pretendeu-se compreender a relação entre a IET em emergência pré-hospitalar e o prognóstico da pessoa em situação crítica, colocando a seguinte questão: “Qual o impacto da intubação endotraqueal, em emergência pré-hospitalar, no prognóstico clínico do doente?”. Este trabalho de investigação iniciou-se com uma pesquisa da literatura de língua inglesa e portuguesa, nas bases de dados...

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