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  1. Influenza A virus ribonucleoproteins modulate host recycling by competing with Rab11 effectors

    Vale-Costa, Sílvia; Alenquer, Marta; Sousa, Ana Laura; Kellen, Bárbara; Ramalho, José; Tranfield, Erin M.; Amorim, Maria João
    Influenza A virus assembly is an unclear process, whereby individual virion components form an infectious particle. The segmented nature of the influenza A genome imposes a problem to assembly because it requires packaging of eight distinct RNA particles (vRNPs). It also allows genome mixing from distinct parental strains, events associated with influenza pandemic outbreaks. It is important to public health to understand how segmented genomes assemble, a process that is dependent on the transport of components to assembly sites. Previously, it has been shown that vRNPs are carried by recycling endosome vesicles, resulting in a change of Rab11 distribution. Here,...
    - 16-may-2017

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