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Variation: Development and Selection

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  1. Evolutionary history of the recruitment of conserved developmental genes in association to the formation and diversification of a novel trait

    Shirai, Leila T; Saenko, Suzanne V; Keller, Roberto A; Jeronimo, Maria A; Brakefield, Paul M; Descimon, Henri; Wahlberg, Niklas; Beldade, Patricia
    The origin and modification of novel traits are important aspects of biological diversification. Studies combining concepts and approaches of developmental genetics and evolutionary biology have uncovered many examples of the recruitment, or co-option, of genes conserved across lineages for the formation of novel, lineage-restricted traits. However, little is known about the evolutionary history of the recruitment of those genes, and of the relationship between them -for example, whether the co-option involves whole or parts of existing networks, or whether it occurs by redeployment of individual genes with de novo rewiring. We use a model novel trait, color pattern elements on...
    - 10-jun-2016

  2. Development and evolution of insect pigmentation: Genetic mechanisms and the potential consequences of pleiotropy

    Wittkopp, PJ.; Beldade, P.
    Insect pigmentation is a premier model system in evolutionary and developmental biology. It has been at the heart of classical studies as well as recent breakthroughs. In insects, pigments are produced by epidermal cells through a developmental process that includes pigment patterning and synthesis. Many aspects of this process also impact other phenotypes, including behavior and immunity.
    - 08-jul-2016

  3. A Gene-Based Linkage Map for Bicyclus anynana Butterflies Allows for a Comprehensive Analysis of Synteny with the Lepidopteran Reference Genome

    Beldade, P.; Saenko, SV.; Pul, N.; Long, AD.
    Lepidopterans (butterflies and moths) are a rich and diverse order of insects, which, despite their economic impact and unusual biological properties, are relatively underrepresented in terms of genomic resources.We focus on Bicyclus anynana butterflies, a laboratory system for studying the diversification of novelties and serially repeated traits. With a panel of 12 small families and a biphasic mapping approach, we first assigned 508 expressed genes to segregation groups and then ordered 297 of them within individual linkage groups. We also coarsely mapped seven color pattern loci.
    - 08-jul-2016

  4. Microsatellite markers associated with genes expressed in developing wings of Bicyclus anynana butterflies

    Beldade, P.; Van´T Hof, Arje`n E.; Jerónimo, MA.; Long, AD.
    Deriving useful microsatellite markers in lepidopterans has been challenging when relying on scans of genomic DNA libraries, presumably due to repetitiveness in their genomes. We assayed 96 of 320 microsatellites identified in silico from a collection of Bicyclus anynana ESTs, in 11 independent individuals from a laboratory population.From the 68 successful assays, we identified 40 polymorphic markers including 22 with BLAST-based annotation. Nine of 12 selected polymorphic markers tested in a panel of 24 wild-caught individuals converted to successful assays and were all polymorphic. We discuss how microsatellite discovery in ESTs is an efficient strategy with important attendant advantages.
    - 08-jul-2016

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